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  • Kristina Sperkova

    Spinning The Truth: Diageo CEO Lies On TV

    Diageo is not an ordinary company. This is not an ordinary CEO. Spinning the truth until it becomes a lie is not normal, even if it is standard in the alcohol industry. Diageo’s products are not ordinary commodities but harmful for individuals, families, communities and societies at large. Apparently Diageo is intent on evading responsibility, rather burdening society with paying the costs for the harms its products and marketing cause, instead of acting responsibly and ethically…

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  • Tungamirai Zimonte

    False Philanthropy: Big Alcohol Exploits Africa

    There is an increasing amount of marketing campaigns disguised as philanthropic initiatives being undertaken by global alcohol corporations in an effort to endear themselves with the people and (more importantly) with the politicians, and increase alcohol consumption in Africa. This is deeply problematic for many reasons…

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  • Kristina Sperkova

    It’s In The Numbers: Alcohol An Obstacle To Development

    13 Goals and 52 Targets. Alcohol adversely impacts 13 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 52 out of the 169 targets. These numbers tell the story of alcohol’s massive burden on sustainable human development.
    We have done the math. We have analyzed the 2030 Agenda, its goals and targets; and we’ve looked at the three dimensions of sustainable development: social, environmental and economic. The numbers are clear: alcohol is an obstacle to every singel dimension of development…

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