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  • beer-199652_1920 Maik Dünnbier

    EURO2016 Problems: At Work Surrounded By Alcohol

    There are many reasons why alcohol brand marketing is misplaced in professional sports. And Roy Carroll, Northern Ireland’s goalkeeper symbolizes one.
    To my mind, the well-being of the players during and after their career and the environments that they do their jobs in, should make it as easy as possible to be healthy. For those few that ever make into professional football, their dream should not become a nightmare, just because the alcohol industry needs a marketing platform…

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  • Carlsberg disqualified Kristina Sperkova

    Probably… Disqualification Warning

    Let’s call it what it is: UEFA, FIFA have to quit to put their profits over the well-being of children and families, fans and football itself. The events these days involving alcohol fueled violence should cause an urgent disqualification warning to Carlsberg as well. Like at the Fifa World Cup in Brazil, where violence erupted, after alcohol sales were re-introduced – we can clearly see that the alcohol norm needs to be disqualified…

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  • alcohol brands target kids_small Maik Dünnbier

    Knowing Where The Goal Is: EURO 2016 And Alcohol Brands

    This summer, all kids will see is the tight and seemingly natural connection between football’s biggest star(s) and alcohol. With every report, every film clip, every press conference, Heineken (and Carlsberg and more…) executives and shareholders will be hearing the sound of bank notes in their greedy hands. For a whole summer, children will be primed to recognize alcohol brands, to like alcohol brands and to associate alcohol brands with good times. And it doesn’t even makes sense because many sports heroes are outspoken about living free from alcohol to protect their health and boost their performance…

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