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  • AO2D_hq Kristina Sperkova

    Seven Connections: Alcohol Causes Poverty

    Poverty is not merely material deprivation; poverty is more than lack of income; poverty is more than the absence of resources needed for material well-being — such as food, housing, land, and other assets. Poverty has multiple dimensions. Analyzing poverty through the lens of alcohol harm offers important insights for how to end poverty sustainably and comprehensively…

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  • congress moment_024_s Rogers Kasirye

    Uganda And The New Alcohol Control Bill 2016

    A new Alcohol Control Bill has been drafted by a small committee chaired by Betty Nambooze, a member of parliament (MP) to be presented as a private members bill. This is a truly historic and ground-breaking process in my country. Since 1962 when the first Alcohol law was drafted and passed into law as the British Colonialists were existing Uganda, nothing on this scale has been done in Uganda to control alcohol. Most actions by the government have been piecemeal work especially concerning alcohol taxation. And so obviously the impact of these measures has been very minimum in the last decades…

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  • pres-21 Viktor Watz

    Is Alcohol A Source Of Pleasure?

    Everyone wants to live a life of happiness and pleasure. But what is the role of alcohol in such a life really? Does alcohol use give real pleasure or is it just learned or even forced pleasure? Viktor explores the science of life quality…

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  • baby shoes_s Maik Dünnbier

    Alcohol Free To Help Prevent FASD

    Exposure of the unborn child to alcohol in pregnancy can cause lifelong disabilities (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, FASD) and is a massive public health concern around the world. As approximately half of all pregnancies are unplanned, the exposure of fetuses to alcohol is causing an epidemic of alcohol harm to others than the alcohol user themselves.
    Today is September 9th and International FASD Awareness Day. It’s another opportunity to make the case for urgent action and to help raise awareness of the dangers and risks associated with alcohol use during pregnancy. It’s a day to spend alcohol free – in order to help prevent FASD…

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