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  • Boy_intense eyes Brenda Mkwesha

    Alcohol Causes Poverty

    Evidence from East Africa shows: Alcohol consumers are using up a tremendous amount of their incomes – causing stagnant development as well as uneducated and therefore unproductive children leading to entrenched poverty…

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  • Screenshot 2015-09-14 09.09.25 Pubudu Sumanasekara

    Charlize Theron Promotes SDG3, Or Does She?

    Exposing contradictory messaging in efforts to raise awareness of the new sustainable development goals. We need to hold UN agencies to a higher standard when they select celebrities for collaboration on noble causes. Charlize is not the only example where commercial activities run directly counter to social causes…

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  • AlcHarm_GBVEcon_s Laetitia Temper

    The Real Alcohol Harm In South Africa

    The economic costs borne by other public sectors as a result of alcohol harm supersede the income the alcohol trade generates for the economy. I often get the feeling that the alcohol industry is frequently too quick to lay blame on the consumer for alcohol problems but never manages to acknowledge their role in marketing their product, or making it so readily accessible and attractive for children and youth – which are some of the root causes for alcohol harm in the first place…

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  • FullSizeRender Kristina Sperkova

    Applause. Accountability. Action

    Will the new SDGs‬ really leave no one behind or are there critical flaws in the Global Goals for Sustainable Development already visible?The achievement of 11 out of 17 goals will be impeded by the harm alcohol causes in the society. Because of that, looking at and aiming at reduction of alcohol use in the population is a justified and down to earth proposal to be implemented in the new Sustainable Development Agenda…

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