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The EPIcc Sustainability Challenge is designed to equip bright young minds, like you, with the skills, expertise and network they need to realise their vision for a better world (whatever that may be!).

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  • Teera Watcharapranee

    9th Anniversary Of Thai Alcohol Control Act

    On the occasion of the the 9th anniversary of the Alcohol Control Act in Thailand, it’s time to take stock: liquor businesses are still the champion in challenging the alcohol law with false advertisement, with price discounts, sales promotions, with selling alcohol to children under the age 20, with violating the time periods when alcohol sales are allowed, and with violating prohibited sales locations. This is a shocking and sad track record, especially since these violations can still be found numerously…

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  • Maik Dünnbier

    Addiction Stigma And Big Alcohol Myths

    Maintaining the collective illusion that the only people who have real alcohol problems are those homeless social deviants is crucial for Big Alcohol’s bottom line. It’s also immoral. And it’s our duty to change it, to shatter myths, end stigma and promote an evidence-based discourse about alcohol and related harms…

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  • Julie Dostal

    Addiction Stigma: Roots And Remedies

    Visible and often disastrous symptoms of addiction have their roots in a diseased brain; not in a flawed character or lack of basic morality. There is no other chronic, progressive and potentially fatal disease that we identify by an associated behavior…

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