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  • dreamcatcher overlap Kristina Sperkova

    Every child deserves Jugendland

    Warm-hearted and dedicated adults, understanding, patient, supportive, funny. Adults that made me believe that I belong and that I am not judged. Adults, that let the kids play, talk, listened to them, encouraged creativity and looked like they would just want to make our wishes come true. The same kind of adults have been running Jugendland for years and I can imagine how children who come here feel. Every child deserves Jugendland. And I wish every child could have something like that in their community. A piece of safe haven

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  • pres-21 Mahesh Rajasuriya

    Trigger The Reward System

    Alcohol stimulates the reward center of the brain. That is why people addicted to alcohol keep using alcohol. When a child or a person who is not an ‘alcoholic’ takes alcohol, what happens to the Reward centre? Nothing happens, according to available scientific evidence…

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  • Screenshot 2016-03-31 15.25.24 Maik Dünnbier

    Big Alcohol At It Again: Illegal Price Fixing Exposed

    This scandal shows the hypocrisy of Big Alcohol: While AB InBev is boasting of “empowering consumers through choice” their unethical and repeatedly illegal business methods are exploiting and fooling the consumer. The conclusion is clear: just a short time into the “Smart Drinking Goals” the carefully crafted image is falling apart…

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