The work of our International Board is founded on and driven by a number of core values that permeate the entire movement:

  • Honesty and humility,
  • Competence and efficacy, and
  • Leadership by good example.

The International Board oversees the strategic development of IOGT International’s work towards a world of peace, democracy and justice where free and healthy citizens actively contribute in all levels of society.

Unanimously elected at the 68th Session of the IOGT International World Congress in Thailand, in October 2014, the mandate period is 2014 to 2018.

Kristina & Pubudu

Pubudu_Kristina_webInternational President and Vice President

Kristina Sperkova

Pubudu Sumanasekara

Learn more about Kristina’s and Pubudu’s leadership here.


Christian Bölckow

Christian web1

Board Member

Christian Bölckow

Hamburg, Germany

 christian.boelckow [at]

Christian’s Blog Corner


Christian is our expert for rehabilitation and social work, and is thus the chairman of the Rehabilitation Core Group in IOGT International.

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Brenda Mkwesha

Brenda_profile white webBoard Member

Brenda Mkwesha

Arusha, Tanzania

brenda.mkwesha [at]

Brenda’s Blog Corner


Brenda is our expert for alcohol policy in Sub-Saharan Africa, including protection and promotion of Child Rights and Women’s Rights.

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Adis Arnautovic

Adis_white web

Board Member

Adis Arnautovic

Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

adis.arnautovic [at]

Adis’ Blog Corner


Adis is our expert for alcohol policy in South-Eastern Europe, including protection and promotion of adolescent health and youth rights.

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Cecilie Widnes

Cecilie_websiteBoard Member

Cecilie Widnes

Oslo, Norway

cecilie.widnes [at]

Cecilie’s Blog Corner


Cecilie is our expert for alcohol policy on local and national level, as well as civil society engagement, including the protection and promotion of minority rights.

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Teera Watcharapranee

Teera_white webBoard Member

Teera Watcharapranee

Bangkok, Thailand

teera.watcharapranee [at]

Teera’s Blog Corner


Teera is our expert for alcohol policy on local and national level in Thailand, and South-East Asia. Teera is also our expert for civil society mobilization for health promotion.

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Kadri Vanem

Kadri new webBoard Member

Kadri Vanem

Brussels, Belgium

kadri.vanem [at]

Kadri’s Blog Corner


Kadri is our expert for alcohol policy in the European Union, including Alcohol in All Policies.

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Srinivas Vara Prasad

Srinivas web1Board Member

Srinivas Vara Prasad

New Delhi, India

srinivas.vpv [at]

Srinivas’ Blog Corner


Srinivas is our expert for alcohol policy in India, including Women’s Rights and sustainable development.

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Special Experts

The IOGT International Board is completed by currently one adjunct who is an outstanding experts in his field:

Christer Wik

Vice President,
JUNIS – The Swedish IOGT-NTO movement’s junior association

Stockholm, Sweden

 christer.wik [at]

Christer is our adjoint expert for the protection and promotion of Child Rights, especially concerning the harm and dangers caused by alcohol and other drugs. He is thus the chairman of the Junior Core Group in IOGT International

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Administrative Committee

The International Board appoints from its membership an Administrative Committee. For the mandate period 2014 to 2018 the IOGT International AC consists of International President Kristina Sperkova, International Vice President Pubudu Sumanasekara, Board Member Christian Bölckow and Executive Director Esbjörn Hörnberg.