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Esbjörn, from Skellefteå in northern Sweden, is the 22nd Executive Director in 164-year long history of IOGT International and has been leading the International Office for more than two decades.

Esbjörn is a development aid specialist, community organiser, alcohol and other drugs policy advocate, civil society activist, Human Rights defender and humanist.

Esbjörn leads IOGT International with experience and understanding, heart-driven patience and vast know-how. Esbjörn’s work is guided and inspired by our vision for a world where free and healthy citizens actively contribute in all levels of society.

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Executive Director

Esbjörn Hörnberg

Gothenburg, Sweden

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Esbjörn's Story

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Esbjörn’s story starts when he first joined a local club of the Swedish youth temperance association, together with 122 other youngsters, in his hometown in northern Sweden. They all wanted to listen to music, dance and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Later, when Esbjörn had been elected to be a board member of the IOGT youth district, he got more and more involved in the social work: Esbjörn was a volunteer working to help addicted people, homeless people and also young people with substance use problems.

It was in that period, that international solidarity became – and remained – a huge part of Esbjörn’s life.

In the 1970s he started working “full time” for SGU, the Swedish youth temperance association (today called UNF). Later on, he would start working for the entire IOGT movement in Sweden, until he took a little break: for a number of years Esbjörn worked as civil servant in a municipality in Gothenburg.

When Esbjörn returned to work for the IOGT movement, he could follow his long-time passion and took over responsibility for international and development work.

Esbjörn has either served as Member of the Board or in the Office of IOGT International ever since 1982.

For Esbjörn, IOGT is an open-minded organisation where he has the opportunity to meet all kinds of people.

IOGT is an organization that can and does change lives.

Esbjörn is proud of the history of IOGT and how we managed to just and adapt to changing times, being ableto innovate and work with the tools and conditions that today are available for us as global social movement. IOGT is an organizations that can and does change lives for many. It surely has made a tremendous difference for Esbjörn.

IOGT has given Esbjörn nearly everything: family, social skills, business competence and international perspective and multicultural understanding.

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Esbjörn’s Blog Corner

To get to know more about Esbjörn’s work, you can follow his personal blog, where he reveals his opinions and perspectives concerning global events, policy developments and other current affairs. Esbjörn also shares with us behind the scene reports from major events.

Find Esbjörn’s Blog Corner here.

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