Active – sobriety, friendship and peace is a European youth umbrella organization gathering 31 Member Organizations from 24 different European countries. Active engages more than 25.000 young people.

Active’s vision is a democratic, diverse and peaceful world, where any individual can live up to their full potential, free from alcohol and other drugs.

Active in its current form was founded in 1990, but its history is much longer. Organized youth work in IOGT was already established in 1962.

Active's Activities

Active’s work focuses on stimulating the potential of young people through promoting a lifestyle free from alcohol and other drugs and creating enabling, safe and inclusive environments for children and young people.

Active’s activities are all about non-formal education and learning. The environments that Active is able to create for its activities are unique in their combination of safety and assurance, as well as creativity and empowerment.

Stronger Response to Drugs - HRGThe activities that Active conducts offer youth the possibility to develop their values, skills and competencies. Those abilities include interpersonal, team, organisational and conflict management competencies, as wells intercultural awareness, leadership, planning, organising, co-ordination and practical problem solving skills.

Active activities build on international and intercultural meetings, study sessions and workshops – educating our members on topics relevant for young Europeans, such as democracy, Human Rights, social inclusion, youth advocacy and active citizenship. Mutual understanding creates the base of equality and peace.

What is special about Active’s activities – everything from summer camps, to youth exchanges, to congresses, training courses and campaigns – are informed by the IOGT values in order to empower participants with crucial skills such as self-esteem and self-confidence, discipline and responsibility, and the ability to cooperate in diverse teams.

Another dimension making Active activities unique is that they are planned, organised, implemented, evaluated and follow-up by young people themselves. We believe that when youth gets the chance to take responsibility, they thrive.

Policy Programs


In line with its vision, Active has six policy programs to guide the advocacy work:

Alcohol Policy Program

The attractiveness of the image of alcohol is only socially constructed. It leads to the alcoholization of all social events and activities in Europe. This causes tremendous harm all over Europe . For young people in Europe it is among other consequences a gateway into abuse of other drugs and criminality, into early school dropout, long-term unemployment and into apathy.

Alcohol has a negative impact on many areas of society. When developing new policies, local, national and international governments should consider how the use of alcohol affects the policy area, and make policies that contribute to the reduction of alcohol related harm. However different policy areas, such as youth policy, traffic safety, employment, health policy and crime prevention should be viewed in the alcohol perspective.

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Peace and Development

One world – common responsibility

Active builds its work on the foundation laid by the IOGT International Platform, which has a long tradition in fighting for peace, human rights, equality and liberty for all people.

No matter where we live, if we are rich or poor, free or oppressed – all humans share the same earth. We have built boarders between our countries, but some things do not stop at the customs. Pollution of the environment, globalisation of the economy, oppression of minorities and discrimination of gender, lack of democracy – all these are global challenges rather than national. Therefore people need to co-operate across boarders and find common ways to meet these challenges. We share this world and have common responsibility towards it.

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Policy on Drug Use

Under the scope of this policy, the word drug refers to substances controlled under the various United Nations Conventions on Narcotic Drugs as well as new psychoactive substances (NPS) which may mimic the effects of controlled substances and which may be referred to as legal highs, designer drugs, herbal highs, synthetic drugs or research chemicals.

Active’s concern is for the wellbeing and development of young people and children. As part of this concern we support preventative approaches which support young people to lead lives free from the damaging impact of drug use. There are four main aspects to drug use: …

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Tobacco Policy

Active strongly believes that everyone has the right to live in a safe and healthy environment. Active believes that the long-term and high goal is a tobacco free world, in which people’s fundamental right to a healthy environment and to a life-long healthcare endows them with their foremost right to make individual, healthy choices.

To comprehensively understand and effectively design measures to tackle the tobacco related harm, society must understand where tobacco consumption roots. The tobacco tradition and the pressure of the modern lifestyle; the impact of the tobacco industry on the economy and society; the economic and social situation in the society; the lack of strict and efficiently implemented tobacco legislation are all aspects that need to be considered while dealing with the subject.

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The Rights of Young People

In 1989 the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) that included among others the right to a safe childhood, education, basic health care, adequate nutrition, a home and citizenship.

Although today nearly all states of the world have ratified the CRC, implementation is often insufficient. Active as a children and youth organisation is concerned with this lack of security of and responsibility for children in our world.

Active sees a strong need to extend the CRC to, among others, the right of young people to grow up in environments free of alcohol and other drugs, the right to prevention and the right of medical and social treatment in connection to the abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

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Social Inclusion Policy

The importance of social inclusion for individuals, especially children and youth, and for society at large is growing. It means that children and young people in the Europe of economic and political crisis find it harder and harder to see their legitimate needs taken care of, because of spending cuts and austerity measures that burden children and young people, and especially marginalized and particularly vulnerable youth, like children of alcoholics.

Active wants to play an active role in helping young Europeans to live up to their full potential – both in the way of including everyone who wants to be in a safe and enabling environment where meaningful activities and relationships can be built, and also to give a voice to children and young people and to represent them in the decision-making processes on European, national and local level.

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Volunteer For Active


Active offers plenty of opportunities for young people to volunteer.

One of them is European Voluntary Service (EVS), a program from the European Commission to ensure mobility and non-formal education for young people, as well gathering working experience in other European countries.

Active usually hosts two EVS volunteers per year. EVS in the Active office in Stockholm offers amazing opportunities to young Europeans:

  • To live and work abroad for maximum 12 months
  • To follow one’s passion and spend a year working for the values of Active, making the world a better place
  • To grow as a person in an international, caring and stimulating environment
  • To develop and hone lots of useful skills for the rest of life
  • To learn everything about the Swedish culture and language

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Active's Membership

Active is a European Non-governmental organisation (NGO) for, of and by young people. Active is a European umbrella organisation where national IOGT youth organisations join together.

Today Active consists of 31 organisation from 24 different countries.

Being a member of Active – sobriety, friendship and peace means that you become part of a family that is sharing the same vision, values, and most importantly, that is working together for creating a better future for young Europeans.

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