The grass roots are what really matters: every action can be adjusted to cultural and local needs, to allow for local conditions to determine what activity you do and how you implement them. Moreover we provide facts and evidence as background for your actions.

The actions making up each Community Action campaign don’t demand lots of resources, only heart-driven efforts and commitment – which is what we’re good at in IOGT International – working heart-driven, together.

With our Community Action campaigns – Fake Free, Inspire Freedom and Human Rights Generation – we stand and act as one movement, we act on grass-root level with global scope, through concrete and creative actions.
Each Community Action Guide offers a clockwork of activities: different actions that drive and support each other like cogwheels. This way, our Community Action campaigns can be impactful on local level as well as on global level.

Fake Free

Fake Free is an approach and a think tank. It’s the world’s most innovative prevention approach, and as think tank we have developed the approach to certified method.

Fake Free is focusing on exposing the alcohol norm and starts prevention by asking what the real effects of alcohol actually or and whether someone can be “intoxicated on the excitement”. The think tank Fake Free works like a portal where anyone who wishes to question and challenge the alcohol norm can receive ideas and feedback. Fake Free encourages people to spread inspiration and good vibes.

Fake Free wishes to create more party free from forced rules and lethargy.

Get involved in the Fake Free community action campaign here.

Inspire Freedom

The Inspire Freedom Campaign – Together for women and girls – every 25th is IOGT International’s flagship community campaign to promote the rights of girls and women and to end gender-based violence, by preventing alcohol violence.

In doing so we contribute to a life set free for all girls and women.

Get involved in the Inspire Freedom community action campaign here.

Human Rights Generation

Human Rights Generation community action is about highlighting the impact of Human Rights on everyday life in communities around the world. We are the Human Rights Generation – heart-driven using our critical thinking and civic spirit to highlight Human Rights abuses in our communities. And we use our talents, skills and creativity to making transformative change happen.

The objective of Human Rights Generation (HRG) is to highlight the perspective of young people on a specific Human Rights “problem” in their country or community. HRG takes up issues that specifically concern and affect youth and provides a platform to tackle and solve those issues.

Get involved in the Human Rights Generation community action campaign here.