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  • Maik Dünnbier

    The Promise Of Back-To-Back High-Level UN Meetings On Health Topics

    The parallel processes of preparation for and follow-up on both high-level meetings could lead to an elevation of global health as a central issue for world leaders in years to come, if we use the opportunity wisely. Interventions to prevent and reduce alcohol harm provide an excellent lesson: What IOGT International’s three core strategies show is that there are very real and evidence-based ways to link the conversations, communities and commitments for ending TB as well as NCDs…

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  • Vijaya Vangala

    Is Bihar Faring Better Or Worse After Alcohol Ban?

    One year alcohol ban in Bihar, India: “We fed the dragon for decades and when it comes to confronting with it now and the harm it has caused, why are we in such a hurry to conclude negative results?” Unpacking the arguments against the Bihar alcohol ban, and taking stock of the success story…

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