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  • Vijaya Vangala

    Is Bihar Faring Better Or Worse After Alcohol Ban?

    One year alcohol ban in Bihar, India: “We fed the dragon for decades and when it comes to confronting with it now and the harm it has caused, why are we in such a hurry to conclude negative results?” Unpacking the arguments against the Bihar alcohol ban, and taking stock of the success story…

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  • Rogers Kasirye

    Uganda And The New Alcohol Control Bill 2016

    A new Alcohol Control Bill has been drafted by a small committee chaired by Betty Nambooze, a member of parliament (MP) to be presented as a private members bill. This is a truly historic and ground-breaking process in my country. Since 1962 when the first Alcohol law was drafted and passed into law as the British Colonialists were existing Uganda, nothing on this scale has been done in Uganda to control alcohol. Most actions by the government have been piecemeal work especially concerning alcohol taxation. And so obviously the impact of these measures has been very minimum in the last decades…

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  • Lucy Rocca

    My Transformation From Serial Heavy Drinker To Soberista

    Because we live in such an alcocentric society, it can be all too easy to believe that this is a normal way to live. So many of us will show up to work on a Monday morning clutching our heads and sharing our boozy stories with colleagues in the office: “What did you get up to on Saturday night? No! You didn’t!” It’s a ritual, the cementing of membership to a club – the Drinker’s Club. I relinquished my membership to that club in April 2011, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Here’s why…

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