BLOG: 2017 Wrap-Up: 3 Secrets For Our Successes

2017 wrap-up I am scrolling through IOGT International’s Instagram account looking back at our 2017. The year was very rich! And very successful. I am thankful for this moment of writing my blog for you, as it gives me some time to take it all fully in. I’d love to share three secrets for our successes with… Read more »

BLOG: Spinning The Truth: Diageo CEO Lies On TV

Diageo is not an ordinary company. This is not an ordinary CEO. Spinning the truth until it becomes a lie is not normal, even if it is standard in the alcohol industry. Diageo’s products are not ordinary commodities but harmful for individuals, families, communities and societies at large. Apparently Diageo is intent on evading responsibility, rather burdening society with paying the costs for the harms its products and marketing cause, instead of acting responsibly and ethically…

BLOG: It’s In The Numbers: Alcohol An Obstacle To Development

13 Goals and 52 Targets. Alcohol adversely impacts 13 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 52 out of the 169 targets. These numbers tell the story of alcohol’s massive burden on sustainable human development.
We have done the math. We have analyzed the 2030 Agenda, its goals and targets; and we’ve looked at the three dimensions of sustainable development: social, environmental and economic. The numbers are clear: alcohol is an obstacle to every singel dimension of development…

BLOG: After CSW – A Question For The Feminist Movement

Many people at CSW are talking about breaking norms but fewer are ready to tackle norms that we, according to the evidence, do not benefit from. The alcohol norm is incredibly harmful to women and girls. My questions remains: why is the feminist movement so comfortable with it?

BLOG: My Year In Highlights – Looking Back At 2016

A magnificent view of the year that is almost over, the year of 165 travel days – exactly as many travel days as the number of years that IOGT has been in existence.
I am looking back with satisfaction and determination to do even better. I have learned incredibly much during this year. It was a year of growth, challenges, understanding our organization and broader alcohol policy community. I understand the potential of our members. I got to see our strengths and also the reasons why we do not always succeed in what we decide to do…

BLOG: Seven Connections: Alcohol Causes Poverty

Poverty is not merely material deprivation; poverty is more than lack of income; poverty is more than the absence of resources needed for material well-being — such as food, housing, land, and other assets. Poverty has multiple dimensions. Analyzing poverty through the lens of alcohol harm offers important insights for how to end poverty sustainably and comprehensively…