BLOG: Corporate Consumption Complex And The Need For A New Public Health Agenda

The global epidemic of NCDs is ravaging families, communities and burdens sustainable human development. NCDs are driven by corporate practices, including the alcohol and the tobacco industry.
With the emergence of the corporate consumption complex, we must ask tough questions:
Do we want big business to set the agenda of public health, and therefore our lives? And do we want our children to be raised by corporations that imbibe them with values of individualism, instant gratification and relativism? Or do we want our children to be raised by our communities and teach them values of altruism, civic participation and a sense of compassion with others?

BLOG: Death By Bacon, Part II.

Western consumer culture gives rise to an attitude advocating material affluence and ignoring the problems of materialism and consumerism. This could also be an important piece of the puzzle in figuring out the tremendous mental health crisis of our generation…

BLOG: Do You Let Big Alcohol Fool You?

The world’s biggest beer producer, ABInBev, has launched one of the deadliest campaigns ever seen, and it is more important than ever that we can recognize their scheme and not allow this to pass unnoticed as harmless Corporate Social Responsibility tactics…

BLOG: Fake Free At European Prevention Conference

Fake Free as innovative prevention approach easily starts a lot of interesting conversations and blows a lot of minds, even among some of the leading people in the field of prevention. Viktor shares two lessons learned from presenting the Fake Free prevention approach at the European prevention conference…