Topic: Tobacco Industry

BLOG: Regulating Alcohol To Prevent NCDs

In 2015, Kenya leaped from low-income to lower-middle income status. But the increasing burden of NCDs and alcohol harm make up a massive obstacle to continued development. Fortunately, science provides clear evidence about what can be done and what is effective to promote health and boost development in Kenya…

NEWS: Declaration 9th Global Conference On Health Promotion

9th Global conference on health promotion: Global leaders agree to promote health in order to achieve Sustainable Development Goals…

NEWS: Big Alcohol: Profiting From Alcohol Harm

Big Alcohol: Profiting alcohol harm – shows new international research
New research from the International Alcohol Control study, coordinated by Massey University in New Zealand, demonstrates the extent to which the alcohol industry relies on harmful use of alcohol to drive its profits…

NEWS: Marijuana Users Are Like Tobacco Smokers

New study: Marijuana users are more like tobacco smokers
New research published in the Journal of Drug Issues shows that marijuana users have much in common with tobacco smokers. A disproportionate share of marijuana users – like cigarette smokers – are poorer with family incomes under $25,000 and uneducated with a high school diploma or less, according to the study by Steven Davenport and Jonathan Caulkins…

BLOG: Corporate Consumption Complex And The Need For A New Public Health Agenda

The global epidemic of NCDs is ravaging families, communities and burdens sustainable human development. NCDs are driven by corporate practices, including the alcohol and the tobacco industry.
With the emergence of the corporate consumption complex, we must ask tough questions:
Do we want big business to set the agenda of public health, and therefore our lives? And do we want our children to be raised by corporations that imbibe them with values of individualism, instant gratification and relativism? Or do we want our children to be raised by our communities and teach them values of altruism, civic participation and a sense of compassion with others?

EVENT: WHO Global Dialogue Meeting: Role Of NSA In Supporting Member States In Efforts To Tackle NCDs

WHO Global Dialogue Meeting on the role of non-State actors (NSA) in supporting Member States in their national efforts to tackle noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development …

NEWS: Health And Trade Network: OpEd On CETA, TTIP

IOGT International is a founding member of the Health and Trade Network (HaT), a global network advocating for health wherever trade agreements are negotiated and to force trade agreements to prove their benefit to health before we can support them.
Founding Director of HaT Emma Woodford has published an OpEd in EurActiv about CETA and its impact on public health. We share a few excerpts here and encourage you to read the full story…