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BLOG: I Call Time’s Up: Matt Damon Partners With Big Alcohol To Benefit “The Ladies”

“Buy a lady a drink” is a perfect PR move to disguise all the negative impact of alcohol production and use. It legitimizes the questionable activities of alcohol producers. It also calls into question the seriousness and ultimate commitment to lasting change by philanthropists like Matt Damon…

NEWS: Corporate Consumption Complex Controls Much Of Consumer “Choices”

Corporate Consumption Complex Controls Much Of Consumer “Choices” A handful of multibillion-dollar corporations control everything from what people eat to how they dress, to what they consume in terms of alcohol – in the industrialized world. The Business Insider shares some charts on what it calls: … the “illusion of choice” [which] has become an… Read more »

BLOG: An “America” Epitaph

About six months ago, AB InBev – the world’s largest beer producer and maker of Budweiser – decided that their latest and greatest marketing strategy would be to brand their best-known beer with a temporary name that was designed to illicit patriotism and increase sales. With the “most patriotic summer” in the books, this is my “America” epitaph…

BLOG: Corporate Consumption Complex And The Need For A New Public Health Agenda

The global epidemic of NCDs is ravaging families, communities and burdens sustainable human development. NCDs are driven by corporate practices, including the alcohol and the tobacco industry.
With the emergence of the corporate consumption complex, we must ask tough questions:
Do we want big business to set the agenda of public health, and therefore our lives? And do we want our children to be raised by corporations that imbibe them with values of individualism, instant gratification and relativism? Or do we want our children to be raised by our communities and teach them values of altruism, civic participation and a sense of compassion with others?

NEWS: Mega-Merger: The Beerhemoth Has Arrived

AB InBev and SABMiller merger finalized: With Newbelco the world’s first beerhemoth has arrived
On Tuesday, October 11, 2016, Newbelco started trading on global stock markets, after SABMiller ceased activities on global stock markets already last week. Newbelco is the result of the mega-merger between the world’s two largest beer producers Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) and SABMiller…

NEWS: AB InBev Fined For Bribery

The world’s largest brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) has been fined $6 million for paying bribes to officials.
AB InBev has been fined $6 million after being caught bribing Indian officials to boost sales of its beer – and then trying to silence a whistleblower by threatening them with a $200,000 fine.
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States said that AB InBev would pay $6 million to settle charges that an Indian unit of the beer giant made unethical payments to Indian government officials and then threatened a whistleblower who reported the misconduct…

REPORT: What The InBev Merger Means For Health In Africa

The merger between the world’s two largest beer producers—AB InBev and SABMiller—has potentially far-reaching consequences for health in Africa. The deal, announced in November 2015 and agreed by the European Commission on 24th May, will result in this new conglomerate having a dominant position in the global beer market…

NEWS: Beerhemoth To Be Birthed October 10

AB InBev, SABMiller Merger Set to Close Oct. 10
The multibillion-dollar merger of Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller has cleared all international regulatory hurdles and is set to finalize on Oct. 10, 2016. The estimated US$105 billion deal will create the world’s largest beverage company with combined revenues of approximately $73.5 billion globally…

NEWS: EU Approves Deal For New Beerhemoth

In October 2015 news broke of one of the biggest mergers in corporate history. Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller, the two biggest beer producers in the world, agreed on terms for a gigantic deal to merge both companies. The merger is set to create a beer behemoth responsible for one in three beers sold worldwide. The final AB InBev offer is worth more than $110 billion. The combination would give AB InBev, already the world’s largest brewer, a massive operation in Africa, where it seeks greater presence in its thirst for profits, and more powerful dominance in Latin America.
As the New York Times reports, the European Commission has now signed off on AB InBev’s merger with SABMiller after the companies agreed to sell SABMiller’s premium brands in Europe and some other European operations…