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NEWS: WHO EURO RCM: Make Alcohol Priority

On the fourth and final day of the 67th Regional Committee Meeting of the WHO European Region alcohol policy was on the agenda. The meeting deliberated about the “Progress report on the implementation of the European Action Plan to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol 2012–2020” under agenda item 5 (h).
While there is some progress in a few areas, and while there have been some key developments towards better alcohol control policies, the progress report alarmed civil society…

BLOG: #Since1851 – Celebrating IOGT’s 165th Anniversary

2016 is not only a new year. It is also a special year. But it’s not only a special year either. It’s also a historic year. It is a historic year literally because were founded in 1851, in New York, USA. That’s exactly 165 years ago and so in 2016 we are 165 years old. So, we have reason to be proud and we have reason to celebrate our anniversary…

BLOG: Advocacy Successes 2015

2015 has been a busy year as we have traveled the world for our advocacy work. Did we achieve anything? Have our efforts made any difference?

BLOG: “P” Is For Policy

I would like to start my IOGT blog off with a personal policy of mine: to begin any speaking or writing endeavor with at least a brief introduction. I am Julie Dostal, wife, aunt, dog mom (I promise not to post pictures of my dog… yet), sister, niece, runner, hiker, kayaker, photographer, musician, teacher, trainer,… Read more »

BLOG: Unveiling Brand New IOGT Campaign Inspire Freedom

It’s here! IOGT International’s flagship campaign for women’s rights and gender equality and the eradication of alcohol violence has arrived and with it a beautiful and powerful Community Action Guide consisting of a clockwork of grass-roots actions that together make up a global movement to inspire freedom…

BLOG: Travels And Capacity-Building

Days #2, #3 and #4, #5 featured extensive reflections on alcohol marketing, an exciting and successful advocacy strategy workshop, a field trip to the outskirts of Kampala, more travels and much more that doesn’t find room in a single blog entry…