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NEWS: USA: Less Than 50% Know About Alcohol And Cancer

Fewer Than Half of Americans Know Alcohol Affects Cancer Risk
More Americans attribute stress and other unproven factors leading to cancer than recognize that alcohol, processed meat and other lifestyle habits have clear links to cancer risk, according to a new survey from the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)…

Alcohol Use Linked To Increased Skin Cancer Risk

The study adds melanoma to the list of cancers associated with alcohol. Alcohol intake was associated with a modest increase in the risk of melanoma, particularly in UV-protected sites.
These findings further support American Cancer Society Guidelines for Cancer Prevention to limit alcohol intake…

NEWS: England: Death Toll From Alcohol Cancer

Alcohol-related cancer is projected to kill 135,000 in England by 2035
Cancer Research UK commissioned Sheffield University to conduct a new study into the extent, burden and costs of alcohol-related cancers. The findings are crucial: Alcohol-related cancers will cause about 135,000 deaths and cost the NHS £2bn over the next 20 years in England, unless concerted action is taken to prevent and reduce alcohol consumption and related harm…