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NEWS: CoA Week: Civil Society Open Letter

When home is the most dangerous place – millions of children are growing up in families with alcohol problems, but society is largely failing them…

NEWS: Ireland: Attorney General To Examine Alcohol Bill

The draft alcohol bill has stalled yet again after a number of its provisions were contested
The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill, which includes the introduction of “booze curtains”, is met with aggressive from the alcohol industry fearing for their profits and has been delayed…

EVENT: CATS Forum 2017

CATS (Children As Actors For Transforming Society) Forum 2017 – Reaching for an inclusive world Purpose The guiding principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child are that every child has the right to participation and that it should be inclusive for even the most marginalized. CATS 2017 will explore how children… Read more »

EVENT: 19 Days Of Activism For Prevention of Violence Against Children and Youth

Because abuse and violence against children and youth continue to be a worldwide phenomenon, which violate children’s rights, impair their healthy development and exist in all contexts from the home to justice systems, we mobilize civil society organizations and propose local and national activities for better prevention and protection…

NEWS: Australia: Generational Shift In Alcohol Use

A new study shows a generational shift in alcohol use trending towards decreasing consumption. Young Australians are consuming about 50% less alcohol than people the same age 10 years ago, new research shows.
The study, led by Dr Michael Livingston from the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research at Melbourne’s La Trobe University, used data from population surveys to analyse the alcohol habits of more than 124,440 Australians aged 14 to 79 who were surveyed over 18 years. The study was published in the scientific journal Addiction…

NEWS: EURO 2016, Carlsberg Flood Kids With Alcohol Ads

Alcohol adverts seen nearly once a minute during Euro 2016 games
Alcohol Concern has analyzed how much English and Welsh football supporters watching the Euro 2016 games were exposed to alcohol ads. During the group stages of Euro 2016 the saw alcohol marketing almost once a minute during game play, the study shows.
Over the five group matches played by England and Wales – including the game between them that ended in a 2-1 victory for England, the Carlsberg brand was seen 392 times. This equated to an average of 78.4 a game, or once every 72 seconds.

NEWS: UN Envoy: Need Concerted Efforts To End Violence Against Children

UN Envoy: Need more concerted efforts to end violence against children in Vietnam
Concluding a three-day visit to Viet Nam, a United Nations envoy has called on the government, civil society and all stakeholders to take united action to eliminate violence against children…

NEWS: Study: Childhood Abuse Fuels Later Addictions

Childhood abuse and chronic parental domestic violence fuels substance addictions later in life
Adults who have alcohol or other drug dependency have experienced very high rates of early adversities, according to a new study published by researchers at the University of Toronto…