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REPORT: 5 Typologies Of Alcohol, Other Drug Prevention Programs

Adolescents exhibit a high rate of use of alcohol and illicit drugs. Effect studies rarely describe the actual content of the interventions in detail. Less is known about what was actually done in the prevention than about their effects. Only four studies that employed any form of targeting or profiling of the subjects prior to the delivery of the prevention intervention or initiative were identified. The skewness towards primary prevention skill-training approaches should be addressed, given the diverse consumption patterns among adolescents…

EVENT: CND60 Side Event: Power Of Communities To Prevent Drug-Related Harm

The Permanent Mission of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka to the United Nations in collaboration with IOGT International and FORUT Norway cordially invites you to a UN Side Event at the 6oth session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND60).

NEWS: European Drug Report 2016

The European Drug Report 2016: Trends and Developments, provides a comprehensive analysis of the latest tendencies across the 28 EU Member States, Turkey and Norway. In print and pdf in 24 languages, the report examines: drug supply and the market; drug use prevalence and trends; and drug-related health problems and responses to them…

NEWS: Botticelli For Prevention, Treatment, Recovery, Support

United States “Drug Czar” Botticelli on PBS: “There was a growing consensus, particularly with this administration, that we needed to really deal with the historic racial and ethnic inequities in our prison system, and that’s been largely focused on people of color who have been incarcerated, many of whom are there as low-level nonviolent offenders around drug-use issues.”

EVENT: International Symposium: Addressing Europe’s Drug Problem

Addressing Europe’s Drug Problem: Combating Drug Trafficking and Substance Misuse. This International Symposium provides a timely opportunity for practitioners and stakeholders across Europe to discuss the latest challenges and consider the next steps needed to win the fight against illicit drug trafficking and substance misuse through holistic, multi-level and cross-border approaches.

EVENT: European Parliament Seminar: UNGASS 2016

Mr Michal Boni MEP (European People’s Party), EURAD and Dianova International will host a seminar in the European Parliament on the topic of the United Nation’s global review of drug policies to involve Members of the European Parliament and civil society organisations in the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drug Policy (UNGASS), which is seen as a pivotal review of global drug policy.