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BLOG: Alcohol Industry Goes Bonkers Over Canadian Road Safety Plans

Lowering the BAC limit is a smart policy move. Science and public health activists would say so. And many politicians, like Canada’s Minister of Justice. The alcohol industry, however, has a different view…

NEWS: India: Supreme Court Bans Liquor Sale On Highways

India: Supreme Court Bans Liquor Sale On Highways In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court of the Republic of India issued a ban on the sale of liquor on national and state highways. As per the ruling, liquor outlets within a 500-meter radius of the highways are not permissible. The ruling is limited to alcohol outlets. All… Read more »

NEWS: Ireland: Young Men Die Due To Alcohol

25% of Irish males age 15 to 39 die due to alcohol. One in four deaths of young men aged from 15 to 39 in Ireland is due to alcohol. And alcohol is a factor in half of all suicides, according to the Health Research Board. Additionally, alcohol is involved in more than 33% of cases of deliberate self-harm…