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BLOG: After CSW – A Question For The Feminist Movement

Many people at CSW are talking about breaking norms but fewer are ready to tackle norms that we, according to the evidence, do not benefit from. The alcohol norm is incredibly harmful to women and girls. My questions remains: why is the feminist movement so comfortable with it?

BLOG: Big Alcohol’s Attack On Women

The news is not that the alcohol industry does this. The outrage is not that they admit it. The story is that Big Alcohol tactics to target women have real and adverse consequences…

BLOG: A Peak Into The Mind Of Big Alcohol CEO

We see a Big Alcohol CEO in disconnect. The disconnect is not enough though. Spendrup follows up to take us on a time travel from the 21st century back into the Dark Ages where women were at best considered second class human beings, sometimes not even that and had to fight for centuries for basic Human Rights…