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NEWS: Australia: Generational Shift In Alcohol Use

A new study shows a generational shift in alcohol use trending towards decreasing consumption. Young Australians are consuming about 50% less alcohol than people the same age 10 years ago, new research shows.
The study, led by Dr Michael Livingston from the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research at Melbourne’s La Trobe University, used data from population surveys to analyse the alcohol habits of more than 124,440 Australians aged 14 to 79 who were surveyed over 18 years. The study was published in the scientific journal Addiction…

NEWS: EURO 2016, Carlsberg Flood Kids With Alcohol Ads

Alcohol adverts seen nearly once a minute during Euro 2016 games
Alcohol Concern has analyzed how much English and Welsh football supporters watching the Euro 2016 games were exposed to alcohol ads. During the group stages of Euro 2016 the saw alcohol marketing almost once a minute during game play, the study shows.
Over the five group matches played by England and Wales – including the game between them that ended in a 2-1 victory for England, the Carlsberg brand was seen 392 times. This equated to an average of 78.4 a game, or once every 72 seconds.

BLOG: Probably… Disqualification Warning

Let’s call it what it is: UEFA, FIFA have to quit to put their profits over the well-being of children and families, fans and football itself. The events these days involving alcohol fueled violence should cause an urgent disqualification warning to Carlsberg as well. Like at the Fifa World Cup in Brazil, where violence erupted, after alcohol sales were re-introduced – we can clearly see that the alcohol norm needs to be disqualified…

BLOG: Knowing Where The Goal Is: EURO 2016 And Alcohol Brands

This summer, all kids will see is the tight and seemingly natural connection between football’s biggest star(s) and alcohol. With every report, every film clip, every press conference, Heineken (and Carlsberg and more…) executives and shareholders will be hearing the sound of bank notes in their greedy hands. For a whole summer, children will be primed to recognize alcohol brands, to like alcohol brands and to associate alcohol brands with good times. And it doesn’t even makes sense because many sports heroes are outspoken about living free from alcohol to protect their health and boost their performance…

BLOG: Get On The Grid

This blog will start with some numbers. Let me talk about 61.7%. That is the percentage of the world’s population that has not used alcohol in the last year. Included in the number are lifetime abstainers – 48% of the world population. That’s a huge amount of people. That is a majority of the citizens of… Read more »

NEWS: Irish Global Leader In Alcohol During Pregnancy

An international analysis compared women in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. It found that weekly consumption of Irish women tends to be low and that they ignore public health recommendation to live alcohol free during pregnancy, for risk of mental and physical problems the unborn baby may suffer…

NEWS: State Of Inequality: Reproductive, Child Health

The new WHO report delivers both promising and disappointing messages about the situation in low- and middle-income countries. Within-country inequalities have narrowed, with a tendency for national improvements driven by faster improvements in disadvantaged subgroups. However, inequalities still persist in most reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health indicators…

NEWS: UK: Over 50% Women With Alcohol Problems

According to new findings, in the United Kingdom there are more women who have a problem with alcohol than those who do not.
The latest AUDIT survey found that 55% of women in the UK who use alcohol have a problem, scoring eight on the World Health Organisation’s Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)…