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NEWS: EU: NCDs Fuel Government Health Expenditure

In 2015 at the level of the EU, health expenditure remained the second largest item of general government expenditure after spending on ‘social protection’. Between 70% to 80% of healthcare costs are spent on NCDs. This corresponds to €700 billion in the European Union – a number that is set to increase in the coming years…

NEWS: Ivory Coast: Government Bans Alcohol Sachets

Ivory Coast bans sale of alcohol sachets as they contribute to massive harm
Ivory Coast’s government has banned the production, importation and sale of strong spirits in small and cheap sachets.
Often illegally produced, the brews sold in plastic sachets are already banned in Sub-Saharan countries like Cameroon, Malawi and Senegal…

NEWS: Poland: Rising Alcohol Use And Harm

The current trend of alcohol consumption at population level in Poland deserves a red flag. Consumption rates have increased by 30% in Poland between 2001 and 2012. This is in sharp contrast to the yearly decline in consumption the country had enjoyed since 1980. The rising trend is more relevant than ever in Poland due to the concurrent increase in other factors like obesity and diabetes. Combining these risk factors may dramatically raise the number of hospitalizations over the next two decades. Current research has found that even one glass of wine per night increases the risk of breast and other forms of cancer. Alcohol harm has a significant effect on society as a whole. An estimated 28 billion PLN was lost in 2015 due to alcohol-related problems. Current models apply 55% of the cost onto society through the loss in work productivity, loss of income taxes, and the extra financial burden on the healthcare system. The other 45% goes directly to the abuser’s family through lost wages and even patient death…

NEWS: New Evidence: Impact Crisis On European Health

New evidence: how the economic crisis has affected health systems and health in Europe

The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies reports about new evidence: how the economic crisis has affected health systems and health in Europe. Economic shocks pose a threat to health and the performance of health systems. The consequences of economic crisis are that people’s requirements for health care are increasing and, at the same time, access to care is made more difficult.