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NEWS: Big Alcohol Threats Legal Action Against Health Law

The alcohol industry does it again: Big Alcohol threats legal action against public health law. SpiritsEurope, the lobby group of the liquor industry representing Big Alcohol giants in Europe has threatened to pursue legal action against the Minimum Unit Price (MUP) on alcohol measure that the Irish government announced it would implement to reduce alcohol harm and promote public health and well-being in Ireland…

NEWS: Corporations Dominate EU Policy-Making

The overwhelming majority of lobby meetings held by European Commissioners and their closest advisors are with representatives of corporate interests, according to an analysis published Jun. 24 by Transparency International (TI). The findings of the report were revealed by EU Integrity Watch, a new lobby monitoring tool launched by TI. The assessment of the situation of lobbying in… Read more »

BLOG: Professional Sports Glamorising Ill-Health

Professional sports today is a major source of promoting unhealthy products. Elite athletes have become promoters of harmful lifestyle choices – instead of inspiring millions to live healthy and well…