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BLOG: Taxation In East Africa: Why Governments Need Alcohol Taxes

The Public good and public health approach needs to be recognized when considering alcohol taxation. The case of South Africa shows that evidence-based alcohol policy measures, like taxation, can help improve social well being and the economy…

Drug And Alcohol Review: Special Issue On Intimate Partner Violence

A Special Issue on Intimate partner violence and substance misuse has just been published by Drug and Alcohol Review edited by Dr Gail Gilchrist (King’s College London) and Professor Kelsey Hegarty (University of Melbourne)…

Prevention And Intervention For FASD In Poland

Prevention and Intervention for FASD in Poland Abstract The aims of this study are to analyze previous activities undertaken in Poland in the field of prevention and intervention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) and to identify the main directions of development of this issue for the future. The conducted review of studies, positions, and… Read more »