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NEWS: Finland: Parliamentary Protest Against Alcohol Law

Members of parliament (MPs) from the governing coalition have voiced strong opposition to the draft of a new alcohol law. 28 MPs have endorsed a statement urging the government to take into consideration critical consultation contribution. Almost two thirds of all submission during the consultation period have been critical about the proposed law…

NEWS: Sweden: 3 In 4 Affected By Alcohol’s Harm To Others

A new SIFO poll, commissioned by IQ, shows three out of for Swedes reporting that someone else’s alcohol use has affected them negatively. The poll also shows that 50% regret their own behavior under the influence of alcohol. And the new evidence shows that women are more negatively affected by alcohol’s harm to others than men…

BLOG: TASMAC Shops — Delusive Paradises

Tamil Nadu suffers from the burden of alcohol harm and the government-owned alcohol wholesale and retail monopoly TASMAC is fueling much of the alcoholism epidemic in the Indian state; what can be done to reverse the trends…

NEWS: Scraping Alcohol Monopoly Unconstitutional

Iceland: Expert for child rights and child well-being recommends members of parliament should reject Alcohol Bill. Freer access to alcohol would be damaging to child welfare and therefore counter to the Icelandic constitution, says the country’s official Ombudsman for Children…

NEWS: Iceland: New Challenge To ATRV

After a previously failed attempt, a new bill was introduced to the Icelandic Parliament, seeking to privatise alcohol sales. The author of the bill is Independence Party MP Vilhjálmur Árnason. MP Árnason had submitted the same bill last year, where it subsequently died in committee. Despite the setback, he vowed to submit it again. The move has received wide criticism for its likely effects on increasing alcohol consumption and alcohol harm.

NEWS: Opinion: Protect Québec’s Alcohol Retail Monopoly

Sandrine Thériault, the president of the Union of Technical and Professional staff of the SAQ published an opinion piece in the Montreal Gazette, arguing for the benefits of the alcohol retail monopoly in Québec, protecting children and youth and serving customers with the highest standard. We re-publish excerpts.

NEWS: ECJ: Advocate-General Opinion On Finnish Alcohol Law

July 9, 2015, Luxembourg – According to an Advocate-General of the EU Court of Justice (ECJ), the Finnish retail marketing authorisation for commercial import of alcoholic beverages complies with EU law. The ECJ Advocate-General gave his opinion on a request for a preliminary ruling submitted by the Helsinki Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal wanted… Read more »