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BLOG: Why Are Celebrities Glamorizing Alcohol In Southern Africa?

Just like the ordinary consumer, celebrities are also victims of the successful hijacking of the limbic system by the alcohol industry and their agents into believing this myth. The industry has unscrupulously managed to position alcohol as a feel good, aspirational and status product…

NEWS: Ivory Coast: Government Bans Alcohol Sachets

Ivory Coast bans sale of alcohol sachets as they contribute to massive harm
Ivory Coast’s government has banned the production, importation and sale of strong spirits in small and cheap sachets.
Often illegally produced, the brews sold in plastic sachets are already banned in Sub-Saharan countries like Cameroon, Malawi and Senegal…

NEWS: Ghana: Alcohol To Deal With Hardships

Ghanaians consume more alcohol to get over increasing economic hardships
The slowdown of the Ghanaian economy is fueling an increase in volume of sales of alcoholic beverages as consumers shift their spending to discretionary items, according to Lampe Omoyele, Managing Director of Nielsen West Africa…

BLOG: Alcohol In Africa: Obstacle To Development, Democracy, Human Rights

In Africa, alcohol is a massive obstacle to sustainable development. And it is an obstacle to the enjoyment and realisation of Human Rights and democracy. There are no alcohol industry myths that can cover up these truths. And we Africans must eventually rise to face them and address them…

BLOG: Human Rights Day. Let’s Talk About Love, Rumours and Intrigues.

How to make this blog entry interesting? Love. Rumours. Intrigues. Yes I will write about all that. Love. It is a Human Rights Day today. It is a day where the love of humanity won over any other needs and interests. It is a day where we officially say that all people of this planet… Read more »

BLOG: Zimbabweans Need Urgent Action Against Tide Of Alcohol Harm

Zimbabweans need urgent action against the tide of alcohol harm that has accelerated since alerts in 2002 and poses today a major obstacle to development. Lobbyism of the alcohol industry needs to be reigned in, in order to expose their tactics and exclude them from public policy making, so that the draft alcohol policy can be amended and reflect WHO standards…

BLOG: Big Beer Behemoth Big Problems Abound

The biggest beer producers agreed on terms for a gigantic deal that means profits for a few and serious threat to global health, development for the rest. Here’s my analysis of how and why this beer behemoth will mean trouble for global health and development…

NEWS: UN Report: Child Mortality Plunges But Fails MDG

A new UN Report reveals: Child mortality rates plunge by more than half since 1990 but efforts must be redoubled.

Child mortality rates have plummeted to less than half of what they were in 1990. That is the good news. The bad news: it is still not enough to meet the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of a two-thirds reduction over the past 15 years, according to a new report released today by a number of United Nations agencies.