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NEWS: Alcohol Taxes Curb Violence, Suicide

How do we break this deadly connection? As doctors, we should always ask about alcohol use, violence and access to firearms, simply to raise awareness among our patients. But there is another strategy that would be highly effective: raise alcohol taxes…

BLOG: Let Us Talk: Developing Connections And Empowering Communities For Well-Being

In a situation like this, what we are missing is empowered communities where people are connected and enabled rather than isolated because of a (mental) health condition…

NEWS: Study: Alcohol Strong Risk Factor For Self-Harm

In this community cohort, 1 in 25 youth had self-harmed in the year prior; of these, 4 in 5 did not repeat DSH over the following year. High alcohol use stands out as a strong and significant risk factor for DSH repetition. Assessing alcohol use may help clinicians identify those who are at greatest risk for repetitive self-harm.