The Union APRC 2017

Mar 22 - 26, 2017

6th Conference of International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Asia Pacific Region


TB free Asia Pacific – Accelerate Steps toward Healthier Lungs


The countries and areas of the Asia Pacific Region, one of the seven Regions under The Union, account for a quarter of the global toll of TB. In addition, the recent changes in the clinical and epidemiological picture of TB and other lung disease have been remarkable; i.e., rapid aging of the patients, socioeconomically marginalized people, increasing attention to TB in children, claims for wider use of advanced technologies, and the tobacco problem as a basic human rights issue.

The 2017 conference sessions will address these problems in Asia Pacific settings from clinical, preventive, and research points of view, emphasizing the shared responsibilities of people, governments, and industries on both affected and donor sides.

For the above purposes, the conference will provide the opportunities to learn about the facts and relevant solutions, to exchange experiences and views among participants, and to discover opportunities and challenges of their own, thus strengthening the networks of all those involved in these common targets in the Region.