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CEM: Theatre Play On Alcohol Violence Against Women

On January 12, 2016, Centre for Youth Eduction (CEM) performed their theatre play HIDDEN SHADOWS in the Bosnian town of Tuzla. It’s the first performance in 2016 for HIDDEN SHADOWS but the play has been touring Bosnia and Herzegovina for more than a year, as the requests for the theatre performance are only increasing.

HIDDEN SHADOWS was conceived by CEM, in collaboration with IOGT International and Active-sobriety, friendship and peace.

HIDDEN SHADOWS depicts in an artistic and emphatic way real stories about violence against women. The stories were collected from various save houses for women, which the author of the play created a theatre piece from. Hidden Shadows depicts different cases of violence against and highlights the role that alcohol often plays in gender-based violence.

The performance on January 12 was sold again, as HIDDEN SHADOWS consistently draws capacity crowds. CEM has started a collaboration with UN Women Bosnia and Herzegovina around the HIDDEN SHADOWS theatre performance and the larger issue of alcohol-related violence against women.

The play is not only for theatre stages, but CEM has adjusted it for school settings, too – allowing students to discuss and react.

Source Website: CEM (Bosnian)