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New Headquarters For IOGT Poland

New Headquarters For IOGT Poland Takes Shape

IOGT Poland is based in the city of Bytom, Poland, where the local government had offered them a new location.

The municipality offered the house to IOGT Poland as reward for their outstanding work, in order to boost their important work in the city and region around it – for children and young people, and for people suffering from alcohol use disorders.

Some renovation needed

Before the house can be fully used, some renovation still has to be done. The facade is already finished, thanks to the many hands of Bytom residents that joined forces.

In January general repair work inside the building will be done in order to adapt for future activities.

The new IOGT Polska premises will become a center for leisure time activities for children and young people in Bytom.

Source Website: IOGT Poland on Facebook