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Thailand: Celebrating 9th Anniv Of Alcohol Control Act

Celebrating the 9th anniversary of the Thai Alcohol Control Act, StopDrink Network co-organized a seminar in Ebina House hotel, in Bangkok on the topic: “Alcohol Control Act 9th anniversary with Thai society ”

The event was co-organized by civil society organizations organized by StopDrink Network, Thailand Alcohol Watch and Youth Network for Alcohol Prevention.

Several speakers helped to shed light on the state of the art of alcohol control in Thailand.

The event exposed the unethical business practices of the alcohol industry:

Liquor businesses are still the champion in challenging the alcohol law with false advertisement, with price discounts, sales promotions, with selling alcohol to children under the age 20, with violating the time periods when alcohol sales are allowed, and with violating prohibited sales locations. This is a shocking and sad track record, especially since these violations can still be found numerously,” writes Teera Watcharapranee, board member of IOGT International, in his blog.

The seminar highlighted evidence about how the alcohol industry uses price promotions, discounts, digital marketing and sponsorships to target children and youth.

Furthermore, new evidence was presented about the increases of violations of the alcohol control act.

From the statistics, it was found that there have been more than 15,483 law violations with 1,471 being on the part of the government.”

The seminar participants and speakers called on the government to step up enforcement actions and to work to further develop and improve the law.

Source Website: Teera's Blog on IOGT International