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Press releases

WHO Launches SAFER Alcohol Control Initiative To Curb Alcohol Harm

The World Health Organization (WHO) today released SAFER, a new initiative and technical package outlining five high-impact strategies that can help governments reduce the harmful use of alcohol and related health, social and economic consequences. SAFER is the newest WHO-led roadmap to support governments in taking practical steps to accelerate progress on health, beat noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) through addressing the harmful use of alcohol, and achieve development targets...

Trouble Brewing

Alcohol is a leading contributor to death and disability worldwide, but governments haven’t responded to the issue with the attention, resources and action this urgent issue requires, says “Trouble Brewing,” a new report from global health and development organizations, Vital Strategies, the NCD Alliance, IOGT International and the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA). The report debunks misconceptions about alcohol use, exposes industry tactics to market to youth and women and derail regulation, and emphasizes the urgency of implementing proven, evidence-based policies...

It’s Time To Deliver On Alcohol Control

Brand new WHO report on alcohol contains good news but paints overall gloomy picture. The WHO Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health, released today at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, shows some positive developments concerning alcohol harm and alcohol policy formulation and implementation but also clearly depicts that countries are falling short of their commitment to protect their people from pervasive alcohol harm...

Welcoming New Alcohol Taxes In Peru

The government of Peru has just introduced new taxes to address harms caused by alcohol, tobacco and sugar-sweetened beverages. IOGT International welcomes these new measures and commends the Peruvian government for their leadership to protect the health and wellbeing of their people...

After Meeting, Concerns Remain About Global Fund And Heineken Partnership

The inappropriate partnership between the Global Fund and Heineken was the topic of discussion between Marijke Wijnroks, Interim Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and representatives of IOGT International, the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance, and NCD Alliance last Friday in Geneva. During the meeting the civil society representatives underscored concerns over the partnership expressed in a public letter on 1 February...

Big Alcohol Misleads Public On Their Products’ Cancer Risks

A brand new study presents evidence illustrating that the alcohol industry is misleading the public over their products’ cancer risks. The new study shows that the alcohol industry and their front groups are working to misrepresent scientific evidence about alcohol-related cancer risks. The tactics they use to do so are very similar to those of the tobacco industry, according to new research published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review...

Over 450 European, Canadian Civil Society Groups Urge Legislators To Reject CETA

IOGT International together with over 450 public interest groups from across Europe and Canada today urged legislators to vote against the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). They joined forces to defend people and planet against the threats posed by the EU-Canada agreement, which still needs to be ratified by the European Parliament. Should EU parliamentarians give the trade deal the green light, ratification votes in EU member states would follow...

A Call To Free Europe’s Youth From Health-Harmful Marketing

Today, nearly 40 childrens’ rights, family, consumer, public health, alcohol control, and medical organizations - among them IOGT International - launched a joint call to Members of the European Parliament for ambitious action to free Europe’s children, youth and parents from aggressive marketing of products harmful to health and future well-being...

IOGT Endorses VNGOC Statement On Situation In The Philippines

IOGT International fully supports the statement made by the Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs, in response to the recent violent, extra-judicial killings of and attacks against suspected drug users, often poor and marginalized people in the Philippines...

Civil Society: NO To Corporate Capture Of WHO

At the 69th World Health Assembly in Geneva, IOGT International and other civil society organizations have expressed their concerns about the proposed Framework of Engagement with Non-State Actors (FENSA). Together they issued a press release and statement that was addressed to the Member States of the WHO...

Civil Society Warns Of Corporate Capture Of WHO

Over 50 public interest non governmental organisations (NGOs), civil society organisations and social movements have sent an open letter to WHO’s Executive Board members – who are meeting this week in WHO’s headquarters in Geneva. The NGOs call for an end to the tortured process of the development of a proposed “Framework for Engagement with Non State Actors” (FENSA) that from the start, 4 years ago, has been set on the wrong track...

New Beer Behemoth Serious Threat To Global Health And Sustainable Development

Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller, the two biggest beer producers in the world, have agreed on terms for a gigantic deal to merge both companies. The merger is set to create a beer behemoth responsible for one in three beers sold worldwide. This deal has to be viewed as a major threat to global health and sustainable development...

IOGT Endorses GAPC2015 Declaration

IOGT International fully endorses the declaration of the Global Alcohol Policy Conference. This declaration was adopted at the closing of the Global Alcohol Policy Conference “Momentum for Change: Research and Advocacy Reducing Alcohol Harm”, in Edinburgh, Scotland, October 7 to 9, 2015...

The Hidden Human Rights Crisis

Silently suffering by the millions - children of alcoholics need and deserve better efforts from society to protect, support and empower them. As the Children of Alcoholics Week is coming to an end civil society leaders call in a joint press release for stronger efforts to not leave children of alcoholics isolated and alone...

Alcohol Causes Cancer. What Are We Going To Do About It?

IOGT International, along with several global partners and in recognition of World Cancer Day, calls on nations to recognize the connection between alcohol use and cancer, which has been known by scientists at least since the 1980’s. Joining IOGT International is the US Alcohol Policy Alliance, the New York Alcohol Policy Alliance, the Harlem Health Promotion Center of Columbia University, and the Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness...

Stepping Up Together For Women And Girls

On International Women’s Day IOGT International and member organizations from around the world are rallying to step up actions under this year’s theme “Equality for women is progress for all”...

Open letters

For A Comprehensive Alcohol Law To Promote Health And Development In Vietnam

Open Letter In Support Of Comprehensive Alcohol Law To Promote Health, Development In Vietnam 69th IOGT International World Congress expresses solidarity with people of Vietnam and strongly supports alcohol policy efforts in open letter to Prime Minister, Health Minister, and National Assembly Chair...

Joint Open Letter: Concern About UNITAR Partnering With Alcohol Giant

A large and diverse group of international public health, road safety, academic and development organizations are respectfully calling on The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), to end a newly formed partnership with, the world’s largest beer producer, AB InBev...

European, Canadian Civil Society Groups Call For Rejection Of CETA

IOGT International, together with over 450 public interest groups from across Europe and Canada today urged legislators to vote against the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). They joined forces to defend people and planet against the threats posed by the EU-Canada agreement, which still needs to be ratified by the European Parliament. Should EU parliamentarians give the trade deal the green light, ratification votes in EU member states would follow...

Joint Open Letter: Reaction To F1 & Its Heineken Sponsorship Deal

Together with a broad range of civil society organizations from around the world, IOGT International addresses FIA President, requisitions to take the issue seriously and consider moving away from these sponsorship agreements, as was done with tobacco sponsorship. FIA is not without responsibilities, being the governing body of F1 and also being one of the shareholders in the sport...

Joint Open Letter: Civil Society Has No Confidence In Stalled FENSA Process

We the undersigned members of public interest non governmental organisations, civil society organisations and social movements wish to address you on the critical issue of the integrity, independence, and credibility of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and its ability to fulfill its constitutional mandate...