Our work starts from evidence-based facts. We cooperate effectively with independent scientists and academia to encourage research in order to broaden the evidence-base both for understanding the effectiveness of policy measures as well as the impact of our own community interventions.

With the help of IOGT fact sheets and infographics, we strive to disseminate the latest scientific evidence and information in order to foster crucial insight in and understanding of the policy-making processes and supply decision-makers and opinion leaders with crucial evidence.

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EU: Comparing alcohol costs with annual budget

Infographic EU budget VS alcohol harm


Infographic on the comparison of the EU Budget for Spending 2014-2020 and Costs for Alcohol Harm in the EU, per year.

Alcohol use causes tremendous suffering to individuals, families, communities and societies. The EU is the heaviest alcohol consuming region in the world. Alcohol harm has a negative impact on the economy, as illustrated by this comparison.

Alcohol and the 17 SDGs


Alcohol is a massive obstacle to development. It is a hindrance for achieving 13 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 52 of 169 targets.

But evidence-based alcohol policy measures, such as the 3 Best Buys, are proven to be cost-effective preventing and reducing alcohol harm – and are thus drivers of development, health, social justice and economic prosperity.

Fact Sheets

All dressed-up and nowhere to go – The importance of public space for youth and women

Alcohol is a major obstacle to sustainable urban development. This fact sheet explains how the pervasive presence of alcohol makes public spaces less safe, less inclusive, less enabling and less diverse. Especially youth and women are excluded from life happening in the public realm because of alcohol-induced risks.


The fact sheet provides evidence for which solutions are effective to foster change: Promoting safe, inclusive, enabling and diverse public spaces to help build healthy cities for sustainable development – through evidence-based alcohol policy measures.

Gender-based violence and alcohol: prevalence and economic impact


Alcohol is a major risk factor for gender-based violence, and its different forms. Up to 80% of gender-based violence can be alcohol-related. This fact sheet provides facts from countries around the world, addressing different types of alcohol-related violence against women and its prevalence, as well as its economic costs.

Alcohol harm in European children and young people

FactSheet Alcohol Harm Young European


Young Europeans suffer disproportionately from alcohol harm. This fact compilation presents data on alcohol harm on societal level, in young European, and in children. It also present Europeans’ attitudes to alcohol policy and offers a list of prevention measures to better protect children, adolescents and youth in Europe.

The fact compilation has been put together by our European youth network Active.