Forbes article: Big Beer’s Big Spend on the Big Game Won’t Likely Spell Big Money

Our Director of Strategy and Advocacy Maik Dünnbier is quoted with his blog post in the article, by Tara Nurin, January 31, 2019


The Guardian article: Not remotely refreshing: global health fund criticised over Heineken alliance

Our International President Kristina Sperkova is quoted with our joint open letter calling for the immediate termination of the ill-advised and deeply problematic partnership between the Global Fund and the second largest beer producer in the world. The article is written by Kate Hodal, February 2, 2018.






German public service broadcasting ZDFzoom

Documentary about alcohol harm and why the decision-makers in Germany do not do more to reduce and prevent, exposing the influence and lobbying of the alcohol industry.

Our Director of Strategy and Advocacy Maik Dünnbier is interviewed and explains the vast lobby influence of Big Alcohol in Germany

“Volksdroge Alkohol – Der legale Rausch”

By Sanaz Saleh-Ebrahimi

February 22, 2017

Our Director of Strategy and Advocacy, Maik Dünnbier is interviewed for this article in

“Wie die Alkoholindustrie uns dazu bringt immer weiter zu trinken”

By Sanaz Saleh-Ebrahimi and Daniel Drepper

February 22, 2017

German public service broadcasting ARD

Documentary about alcohol use, addiction, harm in Germany

Our Board Member Christian Bölckow is being interviewed and a panel debate with German members of parliament about alcohol policy is being filmed in the local IOGT house in Berlin.

“Genuss bis zur Sucht? Wie viel ist zuviel? Ab wann wird Alkohol gefährlich? Der SWR-Reporter Kai Diezemann geht auf die Suche nach der Grenze zwischen Genuss und Sucht.”

By Kai Diezemann, SWR

February 8, 2017

uganampsOur alcohol policy conference “21st Century Alcohol Prevention and Policy” in Sri Lanka and our President Kristina Sperkova are mentioned in this article


By Mike Ssegawa, Watchdog News

November 5, 2016





IP Norwegian newspaperOur President Kristina Sperkova is quoted in Norway’s newspaper for development issues

“Report: The investments of the oil fund in the alcohol industry are unethical” (Norwegian)

By Dana Wanounou, in Bistandsaktuelt

September 21, 2016



IP_SlovakTVOur President Kristina Sperkova interviewed on local TV in Slovakia (Slovak)

About IOGT International International’s effort to bring the comprehensive approach to prevention YOUTH IN EUROPE – as developed by the ICSRA experts in Iceland – to the city of Sala, Slovakia

September 8, 2016



Our President Kristina Sperkova is interviewed in one of Slovakia’s biggest newspapers (Slovak)

Slovak alcohol problems: too much marketing and too little taxation

By JURAJ JAVORSKÝ, in Dennik print and

August 1, 2016


Kristina Sperkova

Our President Kristina Sperkova publishes an Op-Ed

Alcohol Harm a Gender Empowerment Issue

In IPS Inter press Service New Agency,

March 8, 2016




Screenshot 2016-03-09 19.27.04Our President Kristina Sperkova publishes an Op-Ed, co-authored with Dr. Deisi N.W. Kusztra, President of World Family Organization

Children of Alcoholics – Hidden Human Rights Crisis & Crucial SDGs Issue

In IPS Inter Press Service News Agency, February 19, 2016



Screenshot 2016-02-18 12.24.05Our President Kristina Sperkova is interviewed for the evening news on RUV (Iceland)

Topic: The benefits of and evidence for the effectiveness of the alcohol retail monopoly in Iceland (watch from 6:00 minute mark)

February 17, 2016



Screenshot 2016-02-18 12.51.30Our President Kristina Sperkova is quoted in Visir, Icelandic newspaper

Topic: Should the alcohol retail monopoly be abolished or strengthened? (Icelandic)


February 17, 2016




Screenshot 2016-02-18 12.23.11Our President Kristina Sperkova is quoted in RUV article

Topic: Should the alcohol retail monopoly be abolished or strengthened? (Icelandic)

February 17, 2016




Screenshot 2016-02-18 12.31.14Our Director of Strategy and Advocacy Maik Dünnbier is quoted in The Guardian:

It’s death by bacon for me’ – our readers on listening to health warnings,”

By Sarah Marsh, February 03, 2016


01 Cover_Images_sOur report about alcohol taxation is subject of this article

Higher alcohol taxes can help meet UN Sustainable Development Goals – IOGT Report

By Imtiaz Muqbil, Travel Impact Newswire

September 25, 2015




WSJ William NtakukaOur member William Ntakuka from SCAD, in Kenya, is quoted in a Wall Street Journal article about the alcohol industry in Africa

“Thirsty For Growth, Liquor Giant Taps African Market. Diageo targets even poorest consumers with liquor made locally and sold cheaply”

By Peter Evans, Wall Street Journal

July 30, 2015




Screenshot 2016-02-18 12.32.27A blog post by our Director of Strategy and Advocacy is reposted on DrinkTank:

An alcohol perspective on Dr. Chan’s WHO speech,

By Drink Tank – conversations about alcohol in Australia, February 19, 2015




Screenshot 2016-02-18 12.33.23Our Board Member Brenda Mkwesha is quoted in this article:

Kenya Struggles With Rising Alcoholism“, By Miriam Gathigah, in All Africa, March 27, 2015


IOGT Int 68 Congress logoOur World Congress is topic of this news article:

IOGT International chooses Thailand for first Asian Congress,

By Theodore Koumelis, in TravelDailyNews – Asia-Pacific,

August 25, 2014




Screenshot 2016-02-18 12.34.27Then IOGT International President Sven-Olov Carlsson publishes an Op-Ed:

DG Trade’s ties to the alcohol industry are cause for concern“,

In EurActiv, July 9, 2014




Maik Dünnbier

Our then Policy and Communication Officer Maik Dünnbier is mentioned in this News briefing, for his presentation about AiAP at the Global Alcohol Policy Conference in Seoul, South Korea, 2013

Alcohol and Health Watch, New Zealand

December, 2013




Screenshot 2016-02-18 12.36.11Then Vice President Kristina Sperkova is mentioned in this article:

Global meeting on alcohol policy formulation kicks off

By The Guardian Reporter, in IPPMedia, September 24, 2012



header_Fifa-360x156.jpgThen IOGT International President Sven-Olov Carlsson is quoted in this press release:

Alcohol Justice Supports Brazil’s Sovereign Right to Protect Pubic Health and Safety“,

By Alcohol Justice, PR Newswire, March 05, 2012