We are proud and grateful for the collaboration with our Premium Partners.

They all stand for the values that IOGT International and our members promote and so working together adds value and creates synergy for IOGT as well as for our Premium Partners.

If you are interested in becoming a Premium Partner and support the work of IOGT International, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We love to hear from you and to explore how we can best work together.

Wimell Webb


A personal web agency that emphasizes collaboration and tailor-made solutions for its customers.

Wimell Webb has profound understanding for civil society and is superior in building trustworthy and transparent relations that boost the collaboration and allows for great results to emerge.

Wimell Webb focuses on listening before talking, on understanding before advising. It’s a company that gives a little extra than what was contracted and that works a little harder than what would be expected because it shares the passion for making the world a better place. Together. Heart-driven.

We look forward to many more assignmenthelponline.co.uk projects and years of collaboration.


Sober Grid

Sober Grid Icon

Sober Grid is the number one sober app and it really is a revelation. With 62% of the people in the world choosing to live alcohol free – but no way to connect them in the age of social media, Sober Grid is a true, much-needed and brilliant innovation.

Through a simple click of a button we can now find someone in your surroundings who would like to hang out free from alcohol. It allows to gather more people and arrange parties or hangouts. But it also fills a social need in supporting people in recovery.

We believe in the App and in the people behind it. We know it will provide a powerful platform to make lives a little happier, and the world a little better.

Sober Grid is a company run by heart-driven people who know what they do because they have experienced alcohol harm themselves, or in their families and they share the joy of living alcohol free. Life Set Free, is what we call it.

We look forward to seeing the app thrive and the community of people living free from alcohol to get together online. And we look forward to exciting years ahead of collaborating with our friends and colleagues at Sober Grid.