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  • Diyanath Samarasinghe

    Examining The Magic Of Alcohol

    The discussion about what is real and what is constructed about alcohol’s effects has received international attention recently, with a new study examining alcohol’s effects on empathy and moral judgement. It was good to read the critique by Viktor, of the ‘alcohol and morality’ experiment.
    Prof Samarasinghe is submiting further observations and thought-provoking commentary…

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  • Viktor Watz

    Alcohol And Moral Judgement

    A thought-provoking blog post about alcohol and it’s real and constructed effects.
    Viktor examines a recent scientific study that made the headlines and attracted media attention for its findings. But Viktor asks if the findings actually are valid? And he explores the conclusions about how alcohol affects empathy and moral judgement.
    With alcohol, not everything is as it seems and Viktor’s latest blog post helps to sort this “what is what” puzzle out…

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