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  • Kalle Dramstad

    EU Rules Don’t Threaten Icelandic Alcohol Retail Monopoly

    The Icelandic discussion of new EU rules as a threat to the ATVR alcohol retail monopoly is based on a misunderstanding and risks gravely undermining Icelandic public health outcomes, writes Kalle and illustrates how important alcohol retail monopolies are and that they are not at odds with the EU Geoblocking Directive, as some have claimed in Iceland…

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  • David Kalema

    The Long Journey To Alcohol Policy In Uganda

    A compelling story about the journey to the recently adopted national alcohol policy in Uganda – one of the countries with the highest rates of alcohol consumption and related harm in the world.
    It’s a story of inspiring civil society dedication and efforts. It’s a story of aggressive (and continuing) alcohol industry interference. It’s a story of trial and error, success and failure.
    David chronicles a decade-long fight and looks into the future for alcohol control in Uganda…

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