Yearly Archives: 2012

BLOG: Here’s To The Women! The Best Drink For Today

It’s around Christmas time when there are many girls and women suffering violence right in their homes and have nowhere to go. The places supposed to be the safest shelters turn into war places. They are stuck at home with a violent man – father, husband, uncle, grand pa. Our cause is simple as well. We suggest to make each 25th alcohol free. By that simple action, we would reduce violence against women significantly. IOGT International has prepared a short video to demonstrate the idea.

BLOG: I am dreaming of a White Christmas

My dad’s not the only one in my family who’s got a tendency of using too much alcohol. When I posted an appeal in my Facebook-feed to sign up for our campaign Vit Jul (White Christmas), one of my relatives wrote “It’s okay, I’ll drink for you too.” I answered him: “Yes, I know. Guess why I don’t celebrate Christmas with our family…” This year, I’m going with UNF on our Christmas course to Martinique and for that, I’m eternally grateful. But now, my concern lies with my younger cousins and my older cousins’ children. They have to experience the same Christmas I’ve been enduring all my life. I wish I could take them all with me.

BLOG: Solidarity Even In Free Trade Talks

On International Human Solidarity Day we praise unity in diversity and we challenge governments to harness the power of their people and to live up to their commitments in international agreements, for example in FTAs and the TPP…