I have a favorite Swedish band called Kent. Just thinking about them made me turn on their music and turn up the volume. Once I was one of those teens who waited out in a snowstorm for six hours and tackled my way to the stage, clenching on to the fence in the front with every bit of strength that I had – just to hear them, just to see them. Once they were my and a trillion other kids’ dream. For a band like Kent, you could do just about anything.

if you can't sell music, sell yourself to the alcohol industry...

The reason to this description of my late obsession with the Swedish band Kent is that they’ve just released a new album – and in addition to that – three sorts of wine. My disappointment can’t be described. The band who’s written some of the most beautiful songs ever has sold out. I love those songs, but it’s not the same anymore and it makes me so angry.

Today I’m a bit older than the average Kent fan, most kids are about 15-18 years old. Of course there are some old fans too, but the hysterical ones clenching the fence at the shows aren’t older than that and now they’re launching alcohol to that target group?

Kent is now the alcohol industry’s tool and they are promoting a lifestyle to young teens that is dangerous. I know that their music always has had influences of drugs, but it’s a whole other thing producing and marketing wines. Kids will do whatever to get a hold of those bottles. I know, ‘cause I used to be one of them.

The front man of the band, Jocke Berg had this to say about the wines:
“This is one of those things you just can’t do as a rock band in Sweden. We know that we’ll be criticized for it – which of course makes it all the funnier.”

I understand that they want to be unique and stand out – but to what cost? If they want to drug themselves to death, by all means! But please, don’t kill your fans!

I will never stop loving Kent’s music – but my days as a fan are gone, dead and buried deep.

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