This blog entry I’d like to dedicate to the members from UNF (The Swedish Youth Temperance Association), who worked hard during the political week, called “Almedalen” in Visby a few weeks ago.

Linda, President of UNF (left) moderating a panel debate with all Youth Political Parties about alcohol policy and young people in Sweden

The whole week is a unique event where politicians, lobbyists and opinion-builders meet to discuss and raise awareness about problems and difficulties within the Swedish society. It’s anything from health care to economics, school laws or drug policies.

This year, UNF had 30 members representing them at “Almedalen”; talking to politicians, creating manifestations and going to all sorts of seminars that are connected to the alcohol issue.

From early in the morning to late in the evening, and always with much joy and pride! This is admirable and it’s also a statement. We never get paid, no matter how much we work – because we do it for the love of it and because we believe in something better than the society we have today. And for that, we should be very proud.

Party is Politics

This year’s slogan was “All Dressed Up – But No Place To Go”, which is a big concern for young people, especially the ones below the legal age for alcohol use (18).

Framework campaign by UNF: "A Good Leisure Time Life For Young People"

I know for one that when I was at that age, I wanted to be out dancing and partying, just like my older friends. But there was never any place that would let me in. This campaign is a national intervention from UNF, asking the Swedish governments, as well as local decision-makers to create more and better alcohol free environments for young people, but also to increase the non-alcoholic drinks at bars and pubs.

With this I’d like to give a big thanks to UNF for raising awareness, and an extra big thanks to those who were with me in “Almedalen”, making a difference and creating a change.

Thank you!

For more information:

Check out the campaign’s facebook page: Ett Bra Uteliv (“A Good Leisure Time Life”)

Ett Bra Uteliv is a framework campaign designed by UNF to work on the politics of how society gives and does not give opportunities to young people when they are not at home or in school, which means when they are in whatever way dependent on the public spaces during their free time.

The campaign is built on a representative survey among Swedish youth on what they do during their free time, why they use alcohol and what they wish decision-makers would provide for better opportunities.

Find the survey nad more material here.

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