This year, the summer has been filled with travels and activities, political and volunteer work – and it’s been amazing. USA, England, Scotland, France and Iceland.

Three LGBT-festivals (HBTQ-festivalen Gothenburg, Stockholm Pride and Reykjavik Gay Pride).

Two cultural festivals (Gothenburg kulturkalas  and Malmö Festival).

One political festival and one summer camp and congress.

About three weeks ago, Active – sobriety, friendship and peace had their yearly summer camp, this time called Icebreaker, in combination with their congress, which occurs every other year. The congress is the major body within the organization and since Active is an umbrella organization, every organization within Active got to send representatives to the congress. The larger the organization – the more representatives you may send. I was one out of four representatives/delegates for the largest organization within Active – The Swedish Youth Temperance Movement, UNF.

Democracy live: coffee, Active Fair of Greatness flyer, documents, flag in the background

With sobriety organizations from all over Europe, we together decided about Actives future for the next two years. We selected the board, that is the second largest organ within the organization, made up a budget, decided upon a Social Inclusion Policy Programme, debated drug politics and much more. The congress lasted for three days and on the evenings, we spend time together with the rest of the Active members on the summer camps grounds.

2012 Active - sobriety, friendship and peace congress, on Iceland

When the congress ended, we had four days to enjoy ourselves with activities together with everyone else. We saw Europes largest waterfall (Gullfoss) and glacier (Vatnajokull), which ice is about 400 years old. We touristed in Reykjavik, bathed in pools, lakes and saunas heated by hot springs, we saw the Geysers (water which is between 80-100 degrees Celsius, shooting about 20 meters up in the air from little boiling ponds of water in the ground) and the most wonderful thing of all: we met a lot of new and lovely friends. Together we were amazed by the nature around us, laughed, danced until the dance floor nearly broke and discovered islands by canoe.

Live free. Party hard. Sobriety Is In.

I had the most fantastic time (even though it rained almost every day, our tent leaked in, my rubber boots had holes the size of Canada and cars literally blew off the roads) and like always I just want to thank everyone. Thank you Núll Prósent for arranging a camp we’ll be talking about for centuries, thanks to the Actives board for a great job the last couple of years, thanks to the newly elected board for wanting to continue the work towards a better world, thanks Maik and Kristina for devoting your passion, time and engagement to Active – I wish you the best of futures (!), thanks to all the delegates for fighting for the great organization that we all have and love and most of all – thanks to all the members of Active, who believe in a sober, friendly and peaceful world. Without you, I wouldn’t have the great memories warming my heart that I have writing this. I hope to see you all soon again and until we meet again – I’m crazy but you like it!

With much love,

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