Yearly Archives: 2019

BLOG: Don’t Poison My Rights

A powerful blog post that takes issue with a popular hashtag.
Brenda explores why and how the fight for female empowerment and against Big Alcohol abusing feminism can and must become more inclusive, coherent and conscious of the needs of all affected women and girls…

BLOG: The Oppressive Alcohol Norm And The Freedom To Not Use Alcohol

The current alcohol norm is oppressive. The alcohol culture in Sweden doesn’t reflect people’s real preferences and wishes, but only those of the alcohol industry and a small minority of influential people.
This is a groundbreaking blog post that dissects the Swedish alcohol norm, provides solid evidence and data and discusses positive solutions.
How to achieve freedom for the many to enjoy social life free from pressure to engage in behaviour many, many people do not actually like or want to engage in? Lucas’ latest blog post explores reasons and possibilities for making possible the freedom for the many to participate in social life in exactly the way people truly choose to and feel content with…

BLOG: Big Alcohol Betting Big Bucks On Super Bowl

Anheuser-Busch InBev is the world’s largest beer producer, controlling every third bottle of beer sold in the world. AB InBev keeps making headlines with gigantic investments in alcohol promotions during major sports events, like the Fifa World Cup, the Super Bowl and other tournaments with global viewerships. This aggressive investment in brand promotion must be understood in direct connection to the beer giant’s performance on the stock markets and its ability to make shareholders happy. Here’s how it works…