BLOG: Examining The Magic Of Alcohol

The discussion about what is real and what is constructed about alcohol’s effects has received international attention recently, with a new study examining alcohol’s effects on empathy and moral judgement. It was good to read the critique by Viktor, of the ‘alcohol and morality’ experiment.
Prof Samarasinghe is submiting further observations and thought-provoking commentary…

BLOG: THE Universal Preventive

It’s high time to seriously question the widely held belief in the health benefits of using non-excessive amounts of alcohol. Reasons are many: the lack of dose-response relationships; the characteristics and lifestyles of today’s abstainers and non-excessive alcohol users; the lack of plausible biological mechanisms; the problems in the classification of drinking groups, and the general limitations of observational studies…

BLOG: So Much Pleasure – ll

In a preceding post (‘So Much Pleasure…’ – Jan 18th 2013) I pointed to recent ‘scientific’ brain studies explaining the mechanisms of pleasure in alcohol. Even without these sophisticated studies, our shared beliefs and rituals have already taught us that alcohol intoxication provides fantastically pleasant feelings. But we now have impressive science to confirm this… Read more »