BLOG: Celebrating the Recovery and Sobriety: There is no place for Drugs & Alcohol

Today is 26th June, International Day against Drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking , this year’s theme is Global action for Healthy Communities with-out drugs. Every one in India concerned with the issue has prepared for the day, National Institute of Social Defence, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment; NGOs are organizing events to mark the occasion in New Delhi.

BLOG: Bengal Hooch Tragedy: More Than 150 People Died, 350 Are In Hospital

Preliminary reports indicate that the hooch was sold in sachets, priced between Rs.7 and Rs.20, virtually opposite a police post in the area. What the Government can offer as a compensation is Rs.two Lakhs to each victim family, what else? And society at
large will forget this tragedy too…

BLOG: Rising Consumerism In India Poses Challenges

The biggest question for all of us is: How to address this new consuming class? Because – and quite much-saying – it is those Indians who also want to appear with alcohol in their hand on Page 3 of the Indian newspapers. But when alcohol becomes a status symbol like in the Western world (even though its glamour and much of its effects are only constructed) it will cause great harm, inhibit India’s growth and development…