BLOG: Real parties celebrate freedom

5th Oct 2011 was  my birthday and I came back from Vadodara Gujarat with my family. Gujarat introduced alcohol prohibition soon after the British left and has stuck to this policy ever since. People call it, dry state, but I had a very rich and empowering experience  in the last three days in Gujarat.

BLOG: Actors who take responsibility

Recently, the movie star Ranbir Kapoor turned down alcohol and tobacco brands even though the companies were willing to pay whatever he wanted.

BLOG: Indian NGOs echo Gandhi

Two significant days for me are, coincidently, very close to each other: The 2nd October is celebrated in India because it is  the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Maybe you know that Gandhi himself was a champion of temperance, peace and non-violence. And the next day, 3rd October, has been celebrated since 1938 as Temperance… Read more »