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Since 2011, our Global Voices have produced more than 400 thought-provoking and opinionated blog articles – covering a diverse range of topics. Some blog articles are short, some are longer, some address specific issues and countries and others take up global trends. All of them are worth reading, for the insight they provide. Find them here…

Our 2018 Best Nine And The Stories They Tell

Choosing nine out of 266 Instagram posts means to leave out crucial events, brilliant people and beautiful moments. And as I scrolled through our posts I felt tremendous happiness about our work, thankfulness for all the dedication, and pride for the impact our work had in 2018. It’s breathtaking to see, remember and be part of it…

Who? Us? We Don’t Have A Problem!

A thoughtful blog about how parents’ alcohol problems might affect their children, how mental health problems travel through generations and about how to overcome those issues.
“The best I can do is to be vigilant but not interfering and be there for my sons when they need me. I was not the best example for them when they were growing up and I can’t undo that, but I can provide an example now…”

A Star Is Born And So Many Are Lost

To me, it is obvious. We do not care. We exploit. In the name of fun. Entertainment. Even friendship. The lack of reflection in this area is alarming and harmful and it needs to change. We are talking about removing the stigma around (alcohol) addiction; we are talking about removing stigma about mental health problems, including substance use disorders but removing the stigma is impossible in this alcohol norm that glorifies the substance and completely ignores the harms of all the promotions, ill-concieved jokes, advertisments and endorsements…

We Care

These are times when our political leaders work to divide us and separate us by spreading lies and fears and hatred about different groups of people, instead of looking for true solutions to real problems. These are troubling times, when opinions are taken for facts, when talking points have replaced dialogue, when shouting is more important than listening, when corporate interests drown out people’s needs, when ideology trumps reality, when respect has become weakness and when truth has become an afterthought.

In times like this, it can be hard to feel hope and to see where change should come from. I believe, the starting point for change is to resist giving up and retreating, and instead stand firm by saying:

I care. We care. Let’s go…

First World Cup 2018 Games Reveal Fifa Hypocrisy

The 2018 Fifa World Cup is in full swing, again. It is the world’s biggest sporting event. Reaching over 3.2 billion television viewers, the quadrennial World Cup is the most watched live sporting event globally. And so, Fifa’s hypocrisy is on full display, again, too.
Two examples after the first weekend of match play clearly expose Fifa’s profit interest from alcohol sponsorship contradicting the core values the organization claims to embrace…

The Promise Of Back-To-Back High-Level UN Meetings On Health Topics

The parallel processes of preparation for and follow-up on both high-level meetings could lead to an elevation of global health as a central issue for world leaders in years to come, if we use the opportunity wisely. Interventions to prevent and reduce alcohol harm provide an excellent lesson: What IOGT International’s three core strategies show is that there are very real and evidence-based ways to link the conversations, communities and commitments for ending TB as well as NCDs…

What Latest Global Fund Drama Reveals About Their Leadership

Five points that expose the massive mistakes the Global Fund leadership has made and continues to make as the partnership with alcohol industry giant Heineken is still not terminated…

Whose Water? Water For All People Or Only For Big Alcohol?

What do South Africa and Mexico have in common? At first glance they seem like two very different countries, cultures, geographies, languages and people. But at second glance, there’s (at least) one similarity. Communities in both countries suffer from water shortages and drought – caused by (in part) alcohol production. A look at the simple… Read more »

Time’s Up For Big Alcohol Exploiting Feminism

History is clear: when the alcohol industry had the chance to be part of advancing Women’s Human Rights, it chose unequivocally: their own profits. And the alcohol industry keep choosing marketing practices that subordinate, de-humanize and sexualize women. When Big Alcohol executives get to choose whether or not to be part of creating a culture of gender equality and women empowerment that is immune to men’s violence against women, they choose profits over women empowerment. Only now that women and girls have been identified as “emerging market” with vast potential for corporate profits they pretend to care for feminist values…

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