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NEWS: 10 Areas For Government Action On Alcohol

The World Health Organization (WHO) highlights ten areas governments could work with to prevent and reduce alcohol harm. These 10 areas have been adopted by the World Health Assembly in 2010, as countries agreed the WHO Global Alcohol Strategy.
Each year 3 million lives are lost due to alcohol. The WHO global alcohol strategy seeks to improve the health and social outcomes for individuals, families and communities. It is envisaged that the global strategy will promote and support local, regional and global actions to considerably reduce morbidity and mortality due to alcohol harm and the adverse social and economic consequences of alcohol.
The global strategy focuses on ten key areas of policy options and interventions at the national level…

NEWS: Week #27 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up

Welcome to another week of carefully curated alcohol policy news, latest science updates, and more Big Alcohol revelations.
Special Feature:
A brand new World Bank Group report highlights the importance of and evidence for the role of alcohol taxation to help achieve Universal Health Coverage.
For week 27, our Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up contains:
Alcohol policy updates come from India (concerning news), the United States (bad news) and Sri Lanka (encouraging news) and a story involving the rapper Snoop Dog.
Fresh science updates are from the United States (extent of alcohol’s harm to others) and from the UK (burden of alcohol on health services).
Our Big Alcohol monitor exposes Coca Cola’s push into Big Alcohol, AB InBev’s tax avoidance in India and how trouble with its alcohol business compels Woolworths in Australia to get rid of the alcohol business…

REPORT: Mindsets of Addiction: Implications for Treatment Intentions

The goal of the current work is to contribute to the critical dialogue regarding consequences of different communications about the nature of addiction by offering a new theoretical approach.
The current work finds support for an innovative theoretical approach for understanding motivation to seek treatment among individuals with probable substance use problems…

BLOG: Alcohol Prohibition In Bihar: A Policy Analysis

This blog post summarizes a policy analysis of the positive and negative effects of alcohol prohibition in Bihar, India…

NEWS: New York Launches First Recovery Tax in USA

Recovery advocates rejoice as New York launches the country’s first ever tax credit for employers hiring people in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Legislative leaders aim to boost employment and reduce stigma with the new Recovery Tax Credit Program. It was included as part of the New York state budget with $2 million allocated per year, for employers recruiting people who are in recovery…

NEWS: ANPAA, France: Exposing Big Alcohol Lobbying

Association Nationale de Prevention en Alcoologie et Adictiologie (ANPAA) recently released a report on the alcohol industry lobbying practices in France. The ANPAA, a long-time partner of IOGT International, reports at the heart of these industry lobbying initiatives is a strategy to position itself as an “actor of prevention” to the public authorities so that they can disseminate their own prevention messages, focusing solely on individual responsibility of consumers. The impact of the environment on consumption (advertising, accessibility, price) is deliberately ignored, as is any proposal for binding measures…

NEWS: Scotland: Interventions to Reduce Health Inequalities

NHS Health Scotland has released the latest version of the excellent Triple-I tool that looks at the effectiveness of interventions to reduce health inequalities. It includes analysis of alcohol and tobacco control policy measures.The strength of this work is the breadth of interventions that are analyzed: income-redistributing changes to taxes and benefits, preventative interventions like 20mph speed limits and tobacco taxes and mitigating interventions like CBT and Alcohol Brief Interventions…

EVENT: WHA72 Side Event: Health Promotion Through The Life Course

IFA, IFMSA and IOGT International cordially invite you to our WHA72 side event
HEALTH PROMOTION THROUGH THE LIFE-COURSE: A call to action to leave no one behind
Promoting health through the life course means to invest in prevention and to provide treatment and care services whenever and for whoever necessary. This side event explores the realities of adolescence and youth as well as older age in relation to NCDs risk factors. We will as well explore commonalities to foster synergies in a life course approach to health promotion. Finally, this side event will discuss solutions and their evidence-base that help promote health and quality of life among adolescents and older people.
The objective of this side event is to inform decision-makers about cost-effective, high-impact, evidence-based solutions that are available to protect and promote the health of youth and older people…

NEWS: UK: MP Runs Marathon for CoA

British Member of Parliament and shadow health secretary of the Labor party, Jonathan Ashworth, completed the London Marathon to help raise awareness and funds for the work to support children from families with alcohol problems…

NEWS: New Mexico, USA: Alcohol-Related Liver Disease Epidemic

The highest alcohol related death rate in the USA comes from New Mexico. The leading cause is liver disease and within the last 5 years the rate of people dying from liver disease rose by 35%. State epidemiologist Michael Landen is of the opinion the same efforts applied to overdose death needs to be applied to to alcoholism…