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NEWS: Global Beer Giant Kirin Pays Myanmar Military

Amnesty International has called for an urgent investigation by Japanese authorities into payments that a subsidiary of the multinational brewing giant Kirin made to Myanmar’s military and authorities at the height of an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Rohingya population in the fall of 2017…

NEWS: Report: Recognize FASD As Disability In Australia

A new report on Indigenous alcohol use recommends to recognise FASD as disability in Australia. The report entitled “Alcohol: hurting people and harming communities” by the Standing committee says Indigenous children fall through cracks of the education system and later land in prison as FASD is misdiagnosed or not treated. A significant number of Aboriginal children are falling through the cracks of the education system and later often ending up in prison because foetal alcohol syndrome is not recognised as a disability in Australia, a national report on alcohol use in Aboriginal communities has found.

BLOG: Public Interest Coalition Opposes Fast-Track Authority For TPPA

IOGT International has joined a broad coalition of 14 public interest groups today in delivering a letter to members of United States Congress, urging U.S. lawmakers not to grant the Obama administration “fast-track” authority for trade agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)…