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NEWS: Week #24 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up

Welcome to another week of carefully curated alcohol policy news, latest science updates and exposing Big Alcohol.
Special Feature: This week we feature two awesome stories: Our radio interview about “Big Alcohol and the importance of corporate literacy in the 21st century”. Our joint press release with the East African Alcohol Policy Alliance
For week 24, our Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up contains:
Alcohol policy updates come from Australia, Iceland, Asia, and Kenya.
Fresh science updates cover the link between binge alcohol use and prescription opioid misuse, and the effects of high-density alcohol outlets in Tanzania.
Our Big Alcohol monitor exposes how Big Alcohol destroyed the alcohol law in Vietnam and how nonsense “Wellness” alcohol is.

PRESS RELEASE: Prioritization of Alcohol Control Policy will safeguard Public Health in Africa

The East African Alcohol Control and Policy Alliance call on African leaders to step up efforts for alcohol control to reach health and development for all…

NEWS: Experts: “Wellness” Alcohol Is Nonsense

Experts are calling the newest Big Alcohol trend nonsense: “wellness” alcohol.
With health-conscious and fitness trends gaining popularity, the alcohol industry’s newest strategy is to position themselves as wellness/fitness oriented. The strategy specifically targets youth since younger generations are increasingly becoming alcohol free to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
IOGT International has covered the details of how Big Alcohol attempts to capitalize from health conscious younger generations – through product innovations and youth-specific marketing, driven by digital data gathering…

NEWS: Vietnam: Big Alcohol Lobby Destroys Alcohol Law

New concerns have emerged about unethical lobbying practices of the alcohol industry. There are reports that some lawmakers had traveled abroad at the invitation of alcohol companies before the bill came up for discussion. And the alcohol industry appears to be successful in these aggressive and unethical lobbying efforts, as provision after provision is deleted from the draft alcohol law that is currently being discussed in the National Assembly. Vietnam, Asia’s third-largest beer consumer after China and Japan, has seen beer volumes climb by an average 6.6% for the last six years compared to an increase of “just” 0.2% for consumption globally…

NEWS: Scotland: Kids Exposed to Pervasive Alcohol

Alcohol Focus Scotland is working with the Children’s Parliament to build support for the concept of an alcohol-free childhood for young people. A group of 9 to 11-year-old “investigators” have been working with Alcohol Focus Scotland and 100 of their peers in three Edinburgh primary schools…

NEWS: New Zealand: Big Alcohol Fails in Schools

Big Alcohol has admitted their programme “Smashed” aimed at alcohol prevention for school kids has not yielded results. The theatre programme “Smashed” has been used in about 30 countries and is currently being piloted in Auckland schools. The plan is to roll it out across the country…

NEWS: Africa: Massive Funding Gap to Reach SDGs

Africa is facing a massive funding gap to reach the SDGs by 2030 as per a report by the SDG Centre for Africa (SDGC/A). According to the report, titled “Africa 2030: Sustainable Development Goals Three-Year Reality Check”, African countries will need to raise over $500 billion in additional funding every year to achieve their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030…

NEWS: Asia: Alarming Rise in Alcohol Use

A new landmark scientific study shows that alcohol use is rising across much of the Asia region. Even heavy episodic (binge) alcohol use has increased significantly in China, Thailand, Timor Leste and Vietnam, according to new research.
An aggressive and systematic push of multinational alcohol corporations into the countries of Asia means that Asians are increasingly likely to use alcohol and to consume alcohol to inebriation and intoxication, at least once a month, according to new data published in The Lancet medical journal…

NEWS: Week #23 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up

Welcome to another week of carefully curated alcohol policy news, latest science updates and exposing Big Alcohol.
This week we feature not one, but two new resources. Scroll down to find a brand new booklet about alcohol and NCDs. And check out below our fresh new world map of alcohol industry interference and the mapping of Big Alcohol and its global lobbying front group.
For week 23, our Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up contains:
Alcohol policy updates come from South Korea, Bhutan, Estonia, and Northern Ireland.
Fresh science updates about alcohol taxation in the EU and about the mental health of medical doctors in the UK.
Our Big Alcohol monitor exposes a raging beer war in Vietnam, marketing tactics to hook young people, and self-regulation failure in the EU…

NEWS: Japan: Sports Sponsorship Fuels Beer Consumption

Beer consumption in Japan is projected to rise by about 70% between September and November. The reason is Japan hosting the Rugby World Cup for which global beer giant Heineken is an official sponsor.
The Dutch multinational beer giant Heineken owns the sponsorship rights to the Rugby World Cup, which is to be held in cities across Japan from September 20 to November 2, 2019.
Heineken, the second largest beer producer worldwide, expects demand for beer to surge because of the many rugby fans who are due to visit from overseas to watch the tournament. Preparing for this, the brewery plans to increase production by 80% for September compared to the same time last year…