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BLOG: Culture – A Hot topic At #CSW57

Another reason of not going against a culture is our realization that it is something that we have been part of, perpetuating on a smaller or a bigger scale. Admitting that the culture is dysfunctional, we actually admit that we, as a part of it, have been doing something wrong. That’s a tough one for many egos. So we better find excuses and go on with the harmful culture passing it on to the coming generations.

So imagine the alcohol norm. Imagine all the parties, all the celebrations of birthdays, newborns, sport victories, cosy evenings or lonely days when people use alcohol as a part of the culture that says, that screams out loud, that all those events are to be cheered to with a bottle of alcohol.

BLOG: Amendments To Kenya Alcohol Control Act

The Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, 2010 in Kenya has experienced some hurdles in terms of implementation. NACADA the body given the mandate to implement this Act has been experiencing enforcement and implementation problems because the police are poorly paid and thus easy to bribe.
For MP John Mututho, the one whom this Act is informally named after, this work comes with its negative consequences – MP John Mututho lost his party nomination in Naivasha for the upcoming nomination probably due to his work on this Act and the Amendment. It is suspected Big Alcohol had a hand in this loss. However, Mututho obtained a direct nomination from another party so he managed to stay in the race. Yet he was doing this to help his constituency.

REPORT: Profits And Pandemics: Prevention Of Harmful Effects Of Tobacco, Alcohol, Ultra-Processed Food Industries

Despite the common reliance on industry self-regulation and public–private partnerships, there is no evidence of their effectiveness or safety. Public regulation and market intervention are the only evidence-based mechanisms to prevent harm caused by the unhealthy commodity industries…

BLOG: Public Health Community Responds To Alcohol Industry Tactics

We are submitting this public Statement of Concern to the WHO Secretariat in response to the activities of the global alcohol producers. Based on their lack of support for effective alcohol policies, misinterpretation of the Global Strategy’s provisions, and their lobbying against effective public health measures, we believe that the alcohol industry’s inappropriate commitments must be met with a united response from global health community…

BLOG: Thanks Paramount Pictures For Showing Alcoholic With Budweiser

Alcohol corporations want you to believe that their brand is the source of success and attraction. Anheuser-Busch InBev shares this view. They exposed their hypocritical and nonsensical view of the world by complaining about their brand showing up in the movie, “Flight”, starring Denzel Washington. Let me go out on a limb here: Isn’t it therefore reasonable to estimate that there are 18,000 “Anheuser-Busch-related” deaths in the US each year, and AB InBev costs government and the public $51 billion annually? If AB InBev has a problem with my estimates, they can offer their estimate of which brands are causing the harm and death, and by what percentage. Budweiser’s tag line “Enjoy Responsibly” doesn’t sound joyful any longer to 18,000 deceased.

BLOG: Deconstructing ICAP’s Recent Misadventures in the Global Policy Arena

What is happening to the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP)? For an organization that proudly boasts about its “analysis, balance and partnership,” ICAP’s façade of corporate social responsibility has been undermined by a recent series of bombshell revelations.