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NEWS: Thailand: Lent Alcohol-Free Campaign Saved B8bn

ThaiHealth and the Stop Drink Network – a member of IOGT International – conducted an alcohol-free campaign for the lent period. According to their data the campaign saved 8 billion bhat that would have been spent on alcohol. There are 22.5 million alcohol users in Thailand, according to a survey by the Centre of Alcohol Studies, the Research Centre for Social and Business Development (SAB), and ThaiHealth. Among them 15.9 million are men…

REPORT: Mass Media Campaigning on Alcohol Risk Awareness and Alcohol Policy

Conclusively, the results show that a mass media campaign was associated with an increase in awareness of alcohol as a risk factor for cancer as well as alcohol policy support at a population level.

MEMBER NEWS: Sweden: Vit Jul Wins Campaign Award

Vit Jul Wins Best International Web Video at the Reed Awards
The campaign film for Vit Jul’s 2016 campaign is an innovative 360-degree-film called “Julen1982” (Christmas 1982). Vit Jul, or White Christmas, is a campaign of the entire Swedish IOGT-NTO movement, to make Christmas the holidays of children, asking parents to spend Christmas alcohol-free and providing awesome activities for children when all other opportunities for kids are closed over the holidays…

BLOG: Inspire Freedom Flashmob In A City Near You

For 2015, we are in great position to take the Inspire Freedom campaign to the next level. The Community Action Guide provides for a number of actions – and I’m really excited to announce our very first global Inspire Freedom community action day…