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NEWS: UK: Inquiry Into Alcohol’s Impact On A&E Services

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Alcohol Harm has today launched an Inquiry into the ‘Impact of alcohol on the Emergency Services’. The Inquiry will examine the way in which alcohol-related incidents and injuries place a strain on emergency services in the United Kingdom and how this impacts UK emergency workers and their ability to carry out their jobs.

BLOG: Response To 1st WHO Discussion Paper On Draft Terms of Reference For Global Coordination Mechanism For Prevention And Control Of NCDs

In May global leaders adopted the NCDs Global Action Plan at the World Health Assembly. The next step is to make the plan a reality. For that we need a global coordination mechanism that truly caters for the unique scale of the NCD epidemic, with the capacity and legitimacy to mobilise resources and coordinate multi-sectoral action on NCDs.

BLOG: Free Trade That Puts People Over Profits

We simply need to ensure that alcohol is not dealt with like it was an ordinary commodity. Alcohol is no ordinary commodity. And so we, together and heart driven, need to ensure that our decision-makers put people over profit and give higher consideration to Human Rights than to the interests of corporations, like Big Alcohol.