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BLOG: Obstacles In Implementing Alcohol Law In Kenya

Former President of Kenya Daniel Arap Moi recently announced that alcohol use had become rampant in Kenya – that it was as high as it had been in the 1970s and warned Kenya was slowly slipping back into alcoholism. For most who are currently aware of the “Alcoholic Drinks Act” enacted in Kenya in 2010, this may come as a surprise. How can there be an increase in use when there’s a law in place to reduce this…

BLOG: Big Alcohol And The War In Congo

This blog looks at recent work by two scientists and answers: How has the corporation been able to increase profits given the rest of Congo has progressively disintegrated to the extent that some Congo experts argue the country doesn’t even exist? How is it possible that during one of the world’s fiercest conflicts, the Heineken subsidiary ‘did not stop producing during the conflict and has experienced an upswing in sales’, as the New York Times reported? How is it possible to operate in the Congo without becoming entangled with the plethora of conflict actors that prey on anyone with money in the country?