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NEWS: WHO Europe: Preventing Alcohol Exposure In Pregnancy

Preventing alcohol exposure in pregnancy: examples from Member States
A new publication from WHO/Europe, “Prevention of harm caused by alcohol exposure in pregnancy: rapid review and case studies from Member States”, presents examples of prevention activities such as awareness raising programs, providing advice and ensuring that pathways to treatment are available…

BLOG: Alcohol Free To Help Prevent FASD

Exposure of the unborn child to alcohol in pregnancy can cause lifelong disabilities (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, FASD) and is a massive public health concern around the world. As approximately half of all pregnancies are unplanned, the exposure of fetuses to alcohol is causing an epidemic of alcohol harm to others than the alcohol user themselves.
Today is September 9th and International FASD Awareness Day. It’s another opportunity to make the case for urgent action and to help raise awareness of the dangers and risks associated with alcohol use during pregnancy. It’s a day to spend alcohol free – in order to help prevent FASD…