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REPORT: Alcohol-Related Harm to Others in England

This exploratory study, using data collected through the Alcohol Toolkit Survey, shows that alcohol-related harm to others (AHTO) affects 20.1% of the population of England. Even apparently minor harms, like being kept awake, can have a negative impact on health, while aggressive harms are clearly of concern. Using a standard methodology to measure harm across studies would be advantageous. Policies that focus on alcohol must take into consideration the impact of alcohol use on those other than the user…

NEWS: Sydney: Alcohol Laws Work

Evidence from Sydney, Australia: Latest stats prove alcohol laws are working

The latest Kings Cross and Sydney CBD assaults statistics, which show a huge decrease in violence, further highlight the reasons for not weaken current alcohol laws. The evidence shows that the measures are effective in reducing and preventing violence. They also work in easing the burden on emergency services…

NEWS: Today: Alcohol-Free On FASD Awareness Day

Every year international FASD Awareness Day is celebrated on the 9th September. Community events to mark FASD Awareness Day now take place around the world with communities traditionally pausing at 9.09am, the 9th minute of the 9th hour of the 9th day of the 9th month of the year, representing the 9 months of pregnancy. This time provides us with an opportunity to pause to reflect and consider the choice to have an alcohol free pregnancy and to share this prevention message across the world…

NEWS: Rwanda: Alcohol, Pregnancy Recipe For Disaster

Experts in Rwanda warn: Alcohol During Pregnancy Is a Recipe for Disaster. Experts say alcohol has adverse effects on pregnant women and has also got the potential to prevent women from getting pregnant.   “The baby’s body is formed during the first three months hence alcohol consumed during this period can result in physical abnormalities in… Read more »

NEWS: Pregnant Women Should Not Use Alcohol

British Medical Association (BMA) warns: Pregnant women should not use any alcohol British Medical Association call for stricter Government advice and “more explicit” warnings of the risks of alcohol to developing babies Professor Sir Al Aynsley Green, president of the BMA, called for stricter Government advice and “more explicit” warnings of the risks to the baby… Read more »

BLOG: Best Of GAPC 2013

The best tweet, the most though-provoking presentation, the most beautiful IOGT moment and the biggest personal highlight from the Global Alcohol Policy Conference 2013, Seoul, South Korea – or simply a not-so-usual report from a not-so-ordinary conference…

BLOG: Flying Should Be An Alcohol-Free White Zone

The majority of people avoid places where others are using alcohol and getting intoxicated. Anywhere else, you can walk away from an unruly drunk. But not on a plane. This is one of the strongest arguments. My choice is taken away, although I have paid my ticket to have a safe and peaceful flight.